The Bigness of Things:

New Narrative and

Visual Culture


Edited by Daniel Benjamin and Eric Sneathen

The Bigness of Things surveys the intersection of New Narrative, San Francisco’s queer- and punk-infused writing avant-garde, and visual culture, through photographs and essays on visual art, literary journals, and film.

Essays by Matt Sussman, Brandon Callender, Jamie Townsend, Stephanie Young, Ismail Muhammad, Syd Staiti, Brandon Brown

Art from the Homes of Bruce Boone, Robert Glück, Jocely Saidenberg, Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian

Stills from the Films of Marc Huestis, Abigail Child, Cecilia Dougherty, and Leslie Singer

Excerpt from the Editors’ Introduction:

124 pages / 30 full page color photographic spreads / 12 full page color film stills / 28 pages of black & white archival photographs and printed material

The rich tapestry of film, visual art, and writing that emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area in the period before the destruction wrought by the AIDS epidemic is evidence of the variety of this efflorescence: like New York’s slightly earlier downtown scene, or Paris of the 1920s, San Francisco was fertile ground for many arts flourishing together…
The essays in this volume begin to open up this archive, showing a variety of engagements with the small press publications of this period. We turn to a younger generation of scholars and writers and are invigorated by how these texts resonate in their readings.


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