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If Wolfman is important to your life and you believe in what we are doing and you want to host or attend more free events and more pop-ups and see more publications and weird music shows once in a while and film screenings and classes and literally a zillion other things, we now have an easy way for you to help make all that happen!

Wolfman Books was funded in the beginning through bookstore sales. Yet, as we have grown from a one-person DIY space, selling mostly used books, into a non-profit publisher and community arts hub, we need our funding to grow, too, and could use as much dependable, community support as we can get—even if it’s just a small monthly amount.

For $3, $5, $10, or $15 a month, you can help us host all of our free events, publish and pay our contributors, and sustain vital community art space for all of us to continue gathering and creating! It's really simple to sign up and works as an automatic monthly charge you can cancel at any time. 

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Get a thank you on our site and monthly artist-designed risograph-printed events calendar!

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Get that thank you on the site, a monthly events calendar, and you literally become a subscriber to our quarterly! Four issues a year! It's that simple!

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You get all that from above and we'll throw in an artist-designed tote! Why the heck not?

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Somehow all the things from above and also every dang book we make all year. You get...EVERYTHING!!

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Wolfman has been around for almost five years and 2018 was our biggest year yet! We put out more publications (7), published more writers and artists (over 70), hosted more events (over 100!), hired more employees (6), lengthened our hours, took Oakland based artists to book fairs (in NYC, Los Angeles, and SF), sent Wolfman publications all around the country and world (through distributors like SPD and Small Changes), partnered with LitQuake, Guerrero Gallery, Oakland Summer School, Unity & Lower Grand Radio, SF State Poetry Center, YBCA, CCA (and so many more peeps)—and hopefully made a bigger impact (in your life!) than we ever had since we opened in 2014.

And next year is going to be even more wild! We are publishing four more issues of New Life Quarterly; we have books coming out about womyn's health, art criticism, and POC womyn of color in the non-profit industry by Caren Beilin, Anne Lesley Selcer, Maya Gomez & Vreni-Michelini Castillo (among others); we’re releasing the next installment of The Black Aesthetic; we’re making a print project with the CTRL+SHFT Collective; plus who even knows what else!

We have events, releases, pop ups, and chill-outs planned all over the city, the Bay, and the country, and we promise to be as open as ever to hosting free events for all of your vibrant, diverse, and absolutely essential art communities.

By becoming a monthly supporter, you can help us make our work more ambitious, inclusive, and sustainable! Whatever you can give would me a lot to us! Thank you so much for your support!

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*If you are currently a Wolfman Books member, don't worry! Your membership and discount benefits are still valid for a year from when you signed up. But if your membership is up or you never had one, this new monthly donation is the best way to support us! Stay tuned in the future for a potential frequent buyer program.