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Dear Bay Area Small Press friends!
We're starting a new project and we'd like you to be a part of it!  We want to make a Bay Area Small Press new release calendar where we let people know about new books coming out from Bay Area small/art presses.  We'll print a (small run) list of upcoming titles (maybe 2 times a year) on some object (a mug, a shirt, a towel, etc) and have an artist design an image to go along with it (so it's cute). Included with the object will be a small riso-printed page or two with all the book descriptions and other info.  We'll sell the object (for cheap as we can!), and promote the titles and presses on it. One person who buys the object will win all the books listed (so you'll need to donate one copy). Sound fun? Maybe? We'll see what happens!
What we need from you: 
1. A list of 1-3 titles coming out in the Spring/Summer season (and approximate release dates). Note: Only one book will be featured on the mug, but the others can be in the booklet that goes along with it
2. A short description of each title (under 100 words each).
3. A short description of your press (up to two sentences) and website/social.
4. One copy of your book when it comes out (to mail to the winner).
5. Ten bucks (we'll use to pay the artist who designs the thing).
We're looking for 15-20 presses for this first round, so let me know if you'd like to participate asap and we'll add you to the list.