shiloh jines is a poet & visual artist based in Oakland, California. she is the co-author of the hand-bound letterpress chapbook SITE OF IMPACT (Eucalyptus Press 2016). she is currently working on her poetry manuscript, “& if it flows like pity/ then it spills like viscous fluid” and Mills College MFA thesis exhibition.



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 Poetics of the Ampersand

During her residency at E.M. Wolfman, she will be developing a project that examines how the &/ampersand is used to create non binary poetic space. She will interview & hold correspondences with queer, trans, poc poet/artists who use hybrid visual forms & typography to interrogate language. Building on her 2016 CBAA conference presentation, “Poetics of the Ampersand,” she examines the typographic evolution of the ampersand and its shifting context within American poetry.  This presentation is in direct response to Joyelle McSweeney's critical essay, "Muse & Drudge & Art's Ampersand," which examines Haryette Mullen's "Muse & Drudge" as a "paradoxical, non binary text, a text that will not settle down into absolute values..." 

The continuation of this project, considers the typographic body of the ampersand in contemporary poetics and how it manifests as a queer symbol of infinity—of etcetera etc. &c—an anti  divide and conquer tool—with the ability to make something so mutated, interconnected & slippery no one can get in or out. anti-literary. anti-territorial. anti-colonial.