Black Printed Matter

Leila Weefur

October 2017-Present

Black Printed Matter is a project archiving and documenting Black printmakers, typographers, designers + in the U.S. As part of the residency at E.M. Wolfman, Black Printed Matter will host a series of conversations and events with and about Black printmakers. 


Friday, October 27th, 7pm - Leila Weefur & Sam Vernon: Two Queer Black Women printmakers in conversation. As printmaking has been dominated by predominately White males, this project seeks to amplify the presence of Black identified printmakers in the United States. Weefur and Vernon will present thoughts and works that explore key questions around the history and culture of printmaking: What is the importance of the archive? How does printed matter function in digital space? How do we as Black artists negotiate our relationship to printmaking? Is print culture oppressive?

about leila weefur

Leila Weefur lives and works in Oakland, CA. Weefur received her MFA from Mills College in 2016. She uses video & printmaking to investigate how an individual is impacted by the shifting boundaries of language and how our bodies have to negotiate space with the words used to identify us. She is a recipient of the Hung Liu award, the Murphy & Cadogan award, and recently completed an artist fellowship at Kala Art Institute. Weefur has exhibited her work in local and national galleries including Southern Exposure and SOMArts Gallery in San Francisco, Betti Ono in Oakland, and Smack Mellon in Brooklyn, New York. She is the Audio and Video, Editor In Chief at Art Practical and the Creative Director and co-curator of The Black Aesthetic.