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My name is Justin Carder. In addition to being the owner/sole person-in-charge at E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore, I’m also a graphic designer, writer, painter and amateur handy-person. I love great design, clear visual communication, and creating engaging, and accessible work in a variety of media. I’ve worked on all kinds of projects—from nonprofit fundraising campaigns to editing a journal of creative writing by kids. I know a lot about pirates, I know how to split logs. I used to play drums in a punk band. I've done emergency fine-arts-related plumbing (I can explain) and once, over a long, foggy week, I semi-accidentally co-founded a museum. I also own and run a small bookstore, gallery and events space in downtown Oakland. Thanks for stopping by!





All sorts of things! I love book and print design, as well as editing, copywriting and illustration—all aspects of bookmaking. I am always excited about exhibit design and working with all things retail and interactive. I've worked a lot with students (as young as 6 all the way through college) and enjoy teaching and collaborating on youth programs. 


Oakland School of the Arts, 826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store, 826 DC Museum of Unnatural History, Pedal Express, Transform Finance, Abrams Publishing, Bookish Design, Dear Mom SF, Santa Cruz Writes, Willow Creek Elementary, Matter of Trust, Youth Speaks, Teacher Salary Project, Larry Spring Museum of Common Sense Physics, Timeless Infinite Light, and more. 

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