Here are almost all of the things that have happened here!

Friday, May 29th
Intergenerational Trauma, Toxic Waste, and Boners:
Paintings and Drawings by Judy Bals

Finally, this is happening! We are doing a show of amazing and wonderful and so radical drawings and paintings and objects created by the incredible Judy Bals!

The show is called:
Intergenerational Trauma, Toxic Waste, and Boners

It’s going up soon (we’ll let you know when it’s up), and we’re doing a party for it on May 29th at 7:00!

Features of evening:
-DJ #BAP spinning sweet sounds.
-The soft opening of Hard Feelings (music performance by Emji Spero, Judy Bals, and Becca Cohen)
-Snacks and drinks and things

And we’re releasing a brand new newsprint poster!

More details to come as soon as anyone is aware of them.

This will be the BEST.

Everyone should come!

• • •

May 6th, 7:00
Chain Reaction
To celebrate aloof togetherness, general misunderstanding, and our libraries, Lacuna Presents: A Chain Reaction Reading.

A group of world-renowned writers, librarians, and book sellers perform, for your entertainment, a convoluted game of telephone, reading texts pulled their personal libraries, where each offering has been inspired by the one preceding it.
The catalyst for the night’s meandering agenda will be “The Library of Babel” by Borges. The second selection will be inspired by Borges’s story and have been found in the reader’s personal library. The third selection will be inspired by the second and so on. Each reader will also be invited to wax philosophic about their libraries — their organization, their quirks — what they selected and why.

1. Erik Heywood – proprietor of BOOK/SHOP
2. Hollie Hardy – poet, core-producer of Beast Crawl Lit Fest, and lecturer for San Francisco State University
3. Khamall Zawadi – librarian for Oakland Public Library
4. Joel Gregory – poet, visual artist, and co-founder of Timeless, Infinite Light
5. Simon Crafts – poet and bookseller for Alley Cat Books
6. Trisha Remetir – writer and co-founder of Master Oatmeal Magazine
7. Nnekay FitzClarke – librarian for Oakland Public Library
8. Justin Carder – proprietor of E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore

We’re asking attendees for a $10 donation in return for an awesomely curated event, an original artist interpretation of Lacuna in the form of a poster, a Lacuna pin, and a raffle ticket for some great prizes. (Of course, no one will be turned away for lack of funds!)

Lacuna is a monumental, participatory art installation constructed from 50,000 books. Like a library, people can step inside Lacuna, browse its shelves, and take home books. Unlike a library, the very walls of Lacuna are created from books, which means that when people remove a book from a shelf, the structure will change and morph as new gaps in the book brickwork are exposed. Lacuna becomes a reflection of the community who interacts with it. It becomes a story told by the many individuals who step inside it and are swept away by the wonder of the written word.

Learn more about LACUNA here:


• • •

May 7th 7:00
Broc Rossell and Joseph Lease
Joseph Lease’s books of poetry are Testify (2011) and Broken World (2007), both on Coffee House Press. He is a Professor of Writing and Literature at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

Broc Rossell’s first book, Festival, will be published by the Cleveland State Poetry Center in the spring of 2015. He’s an instructor in the English and Humanities departments at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia.

• • •

Friday, May 8th
Cold Cut Magazine Release Party
Come celebrate Cold Cut Magazine’s first issue with us at our launch party! There will be good reads + tunes and snacks.

We will have two special music performances and an art installation. Copies of the magazine will be available for purchase.

DJ guest: Slimburn

Submissions of photos/poems/prose are always welcome.
Cold Cut Magazine is a biannual photography, poetry and prose print publication.

• • •

May 11th, 6pm
This month’s selection is Fun Home by Alison Bechdel!

• • •

May 20th at 6:30pm
Correspondence: Know where your words go
Writing and reading usually involve no more than one other person. So, we’re getting folks in a room and share insights into the secret lives of pen and ink. Enosh Baker and Emily Alden Foster will share a pet theory and a pet project, respectively. They’ll stand up to scrutiny from the audience, make a toast, and offer a prompt for your own writing (free stationery, postcards, and stamps provided).

Want to know more? Here’s who’s hosting: Enosh Baker, farmer and poet, will unravel a theory about how writing changes with how much we equivocate. He draws on personal experience over diverse terrain, and the correspondence of Henry Miller and Anais Nin. Emily Alden Foster, librarian and ‘zine writer, will introduce WOMANZINE, her labor of love sending quarterly surprise packages of zines made by women to subscribers around the world. Possible special guest appearance from Penina Eilberg-Schwartz and Wundercabinet.

Post a Letter Social Activity Club (Pal-Sac) is an event for you to write a letter or two with a local group of people who appreciate the act of writing letters.

Donation bar and snacks
$Free stationery and stamps

• • •

May 21st, 7pm
You are cordially invited to join us for the inaugural release of [TRIGGER] A Journal of Catarealism and Speculative Sexuality: Issue One.
Performances by members of the [TRIGGER] editorial staff and guests
Angela Roberts • Ben Alexandre • Søren Cate • Amara Rama • Matt Kellegrew • Crystal Sasaki • Theresa Smith • And more
Along with Master of Ceremonies Kevin Von Mutant
This event will begin promptly at 7:00. Please arrive on time.
There will be nudity, there will be sweat, there will be words, there will be moving images, there will be dramatic lighting, there will be flogging demonstrations, there will be BDSM performances. Pieces from the magazine will be performed. New work will be performed. Anticipate the unimaginable.
Special edition, release-party-only materials will be present for modest purchase prices.
Trigger Warning: Psychic violence, full frontal catharsis, non-consensual dream analysis
Tell your friends or come alone. It’s up to you.

• • •

April 1st
Join Lapham’s Quarterly as we celebrate April Fool’s Day with the Spring issue: “Swindle & Fraud”. Editors and collaborators will read from the issue, followed by spirited and speculative discussion with the audience. Mountebanks, hornswogglers, charlatans, and quacks welcome.

Speakers include:
Chief Trickster Amor de Kosmos
Senior Hoaxer Kira Don
Arch-conman Alex Stavrakas


• • •

April 2nd through 30th

We are so excited to present our April artist, Dan Weiss, of The Yellow Dress, and his miniature museum, DWIF DWEST. There will be a miniature museum opening April 2nd, and events every Thursday! 

All events begin at 7:00 sharpish. Admission is $5.00 (suggested donation) or FREE for DWIF DWEST members (membership details below). All programs are liable to change, be added to, or stricken completely with little or no notice. Embrace uncertainty.

Updates and more info can be found here.

4/2: Sciences/Opening Reception
Justin Carder on the Larry Spring Museum of Commonsense Physics; Full scale Big Bang Theory reenactment; Panel discussion: the science of dreams with dream science experts (in person and remote) Simon Crafts, Eva Grace Restad, and Matt Carney; Ashley Skye Clayton (Up! Escalator) plays a theremin.

4/9: Cities
A discussion on public transportation; readings by Jordan Karnes, Jason Christopher Mull, and Kathryn Rose Tomzynsk; Amy Berkowitz on the noise scene of Ypsilanti Michigan; a musical history of Snow Park; Tina Liao on Children’s Fairyland. Note: for this night it is imperative that you are on time.

4/16: Foods
“Baking with Cologne” presented by Brian McMullen; Walter Green (Lucky Peach) is a professional eater; The National Bitter Melon Council talks bitter melon; Reckless Chewing: a warning/exhibition by Tyler Martin (James Rabbit).

4/23: Families
The first annual Redman Family Exhibition (featuring Watercolor Paintings/Drawing Water and Cave Babies); FAMILY: a video expose by Mark Roquet; middle school biology teacher Robert Little on the family environs of the great North American elephant seal; someone’s dad explains the science of jokes with Nick Stargu (DJ Real); experience the family machine.

4/30: Parties/Closing Reception
An all-sing-a-long performance by The Yellow Dress; Elise Granata (Grasstronaut) on party theory; Parties: A Way of Life by Patrick Tabor (Tabor Mountain); the 2015 in-door surfing contest; over four minutes of actual partying; it’s everybody’s birthday.

• • •

April 15th, 7:00
Musician Nick Jaina will read from his brand new book. More information to come soon!

• • •

April 17th, 8:00
Woo! The rad wizards from Oatmeal Magazine have done it again! We are excited to host the release party for their brand new zine: Totemeal (The Baggage Issue).
More info coming soon!

• • •

April 18th-19th
We invite you to join us on the weekend of April eighteenth and nineteenth for ‘FAIR ENOUGH’, a celebration of printed matter. This zine and print fair will be an exhibition of the area’s finest zine and book makers, photographers and printmakers alike. Accompanying the fair, a photo and print show will be debuting in the upstairs area of the gallery. ‘FAIR ENOUGH’ will offer a range of printed material or a wide audience, and all artists will be present and selling their wares.

Confirmed Tablers:
Book & Job Publishing
Allied Forces Press
Tiny Splendor
Eggy Press
Endless Canvas
Sunday Los Angeles
Neck Press
Rhino Press
Keep Eyes
Ladybug House
LB (porno bar)
222 Collective

• • •

April 21st, 7pm
Voice and Horn: Emily Lacy, Jonathan Silberman & Tom Comitta
Come out for an evening of voice, saxophone and other sounds!
Emily Lacy and Jonathan Silberman are two musicians and composers in town from LA. Tom Comitta will join them.

EMILY LACY shares vocal music from her forthcoming record Your Weatherbeaten Soul, and other guitar-based works. Lacy is a folk and electronic sound artist generating works in music, film, and other media. Her work investigates confrontations between economics, politics, language, and power, and is increasingly concerned with the rights and lives of women and children around the world. Her performances and recordings have been included in various exhibitions at PS1 MOMA, REDCAT, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Hammer Museum, the Walker Art Center, and LACMA, in addition to various DIY spaces all throughout America.

JONATHAN SILBERMAN is a musician and composer based in Los Angeles. Known for his work in the group Godzik Pink (5RC/Kill Rock Stars), and later the trio Rats, his current work includes the musical collective LA Fog as well as expanding experiments with unaccompanied tenor and soprano saxophone. His record of solo saxophone recordings ‘Red in the Missile Room’ will be out later in 2015.

TOM COMITTA is an announcer, call center operator, commencement speaker, emcee, hip hop artist, interviewee, interviewer, lecturer, master of ceremonies, motivational speaker, operator, orator, panelist, performance poet, preacher, public speaker, radio personality, rapper, slam poet, sound poet, speech coach, speech instructor, speech pathologist, speech therapist, speech writer, spoken word artist, talk radio guest, talk radio host, talker, talkshow guest, talkshow host, telemarketer, text sound artist, troubador, visiting lecturer, vocal translator, vocalist, vogue chanter and voice actor.

• • •

April 28th, 6pm
An Evening with Super Stars Literacy
Join us for a lovely evening with Super Stars Literacy group.

• • •

April 29th, 7:00
Small Plates
Woo yeah! Monthly variety-reading-show/snack-fest curated by Judy Elkan from the amazing Mary Weather!

Shah Noor – Memoir
Shah Noor is first generation Sudanese-American and queer person of color living and working in Oakland, CA. She is a multidisciplinary academic, artivist, and creative writer using an integrated knowledge of policy, social justice and critical theory in her work, which centers on addressing modern urban issues through community-based organizing, social engagement, and creative expression.

Emily Kierman – Fiction
Emily Kiernan is the author of a novel, Great Divide (Unsolicited Press, 2014). Her short fiction has appeared in Pank, The Collagist, Monkeybicycle, decomP, The Good Men Project, Dark Sky, Redivider, JMWW, and other journals. She is the prose editor at Noemi Press, and the curator of the Backyard Reading Series. She resides in Berkeley, California, with her man and her dog. More information can be found

Tarangini Saxena – Poetry
Tarangini is a dream poet, often in search for the liminal space between waking and sleep to give voice to words from behind the mind. She also digs birds and large stringed instruments.

Omer Gal – Performance 
Omer is an Israeli born, international artist, he has shown his work extensively in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Israel, Toronto, Canada, Rome, Italy, Brazil, UK and Finland. He recently graduated with an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, he received his BFA from Minshar school for Art in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Daniella Bensimon – Snack
Dani Bensimon Catering specializes in farm-to-table North African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine with a Cali-fresh twist. I also have a plethora of experience with other cuisines, such as Latin, Thai, Italian, Eastern European and good old fashioned American homecooking!

Monday, March 23rd, 7pm

Write a letter you your amazing teachers with the Post-a-Letter-Social-Activity-Club! Letter writing supplies will be provided! Hope to see you there!
RSVP if you want.

• • •

March 24th, 7pm
Rhapsodic Prose: Broadside Edition
We are super excited because this is going to be a special edition of Rhapsodic Prose where we get to make our own broadsides! We will have arts and crafts and make some awesome broadsides and discuss why broadsides are so fucking cool. BYO alcohol (if you want) and we will be supplying FREE BAKED TREATS, that’s right I said FREE BAKED TREATS! You really don’t want to miss out on this, it will be a riot!

• • •

March 25th, 7pm

Each month, we gather a poet, a playwright, a fiction/non-fiction writer and a chef for an evening of short readings, performances, and snacks.


HOLLIE HARDY is the author of How to Take a Bullet, And Other Survival Poems (Punk Hostage Press, 2014) She teaches writing classes at Berkeley City College and SFSU, co-hosts Saturday Night Special: An East Bay Open Mic, curates Litquake’s Flight of Poets, and co-produces Oakland’s Beast Crawl Literary Festival.

JASON LUJICK is the owner and operator of Smokin’ Oak Barbecue catering company operating out of Oakland, CA. When he isn’t serving the best damned barbecue in town, he has been known to enjoy the occasional bottle of gin before succumbing to deep, dreamless slumber. He plans to someday open his own barbecue restaurant for he has too much time on his hands and is an awful masochist.

MATT PINE, a longtime resident of Chicago, currently lives in Oakland. His short stories have appeared in numerous online publications, including most recently Corium and Metazen. His debut novel, City Water Light & Power, is available from Cairn Press. He can also be seen on stage as part of the San Francisco Neo-Futurist.

JUDY ELKAN is the owner of Mary Weather at 333 15th Street here in Downtown Oakland. is a boutique and community space that hosts a weekly draw night and cypher. In a past life, in her native city New York, Judy was a playwright in the downtown theater scene and co-founded the series “LIttle Theater,” showcasing the work of theater writers. After a long hiatus, Judy is now working on a new play, “DOGMA ’69.”


• • •

March 26th, 7pm

Special series launch show!
Free as space permits; will also be livestreamed

March guests:
Author and radio host Nia King (Queer and Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of our Lives, We Want The Airwaves, Brouhaha: QTPOC Activist Comics Rise Up)
comic and writer Nato Green (The Nato Green Party, The Nato Sessions, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell)

A monthly live interview show & podcast about comedy and power, hosted by Channing Kennedy (Colorlines, Oakland Nights Live)

This month’s topic:
POLITICAL COMEDY vs. POLITICIZED COMEDIANS! Who gets credit for political stances we only wish they had? Who get called ‘political’ before they even step on stage? How does a political message survive its own punchline? LET’S TALK ABOUT IT

• • •

March 28th, 2pm
The Third Thing will be hosting an evening of readings and discussions to close out their month in the gallery.

• • •

March 7th, 7pm
We are thrilled to welcome our March artists, Kate Robinson and Ivy Johnson, otherwise known as The Third Thing. Ivy and Kate have been creating feminist performances together since 2014. They like to get dirty and/or uncomfortable for art. This Saturday, March 7th, they’ll be creating an installation live in the gallery with a ritual performance. The Third Thing’s performances are always really intense and amazing and we’re excited to have their work in the space.

Here’s some more info from TTT:
The Third thing operates in images and impressions, repetition and reiteration. The Third Thing is embodied rage. The Third Thing is enacted catharsis. The Third Thing is that which you invite in and that which you release.
Join us in a ritual performance to absorb and let go, to prepare ourselves to face mundane brutality.
Bring an object for the altar. Participate if you feel moved.

Opening and performance March 7th.
Here’s the Facebook event link if you’d like to RSVP.

• • •

March 10th, 7pm
BE ABOUT IT PRESENTS: Oliver Mol/Cassandra Dallett/Lake Lady/Katherine Duckworth
More (or less) info available here.

• • •

March 20th, 7pm
Ashley Chambers will be on tour with her sound performance/reading EXQUISITE BUOYANCIES; she’ll be joined by poet Alana Siegel and artist, Heidi Gustafson. So cool!

March 21st, 12-5
Join us! Saturday, March 21st, for this ridiculously awesome new thing! Super-cool-dude, Ed NSted, founder and “soul-proprietor” of the Funky Soul Stop secret record store will be dusting off the crates and setting up in front of the shop for a one-day soul, funk, and R&B record sale. Ed has such an incredible collection of records (he was part of OMCA’s Vinyl show last year) and all sorts of other awesome vintage 60′s and 70′s stuff and who even knows what else! This will be so rad. We’re calling it Funky Soul Saturday, and we hope you can come on out!

Facebook thing is here!

• • •

Wednesday, February 25th at 7:00pm
Small Plates Reading Series with Mary Weather
“Small Plates,” a monthly series of literary shorts and a local snack curated by Justin Carder and Judy Elkan.
Each month a performer, a poet, a fiction writer, and a non-fiction writer share 10 minutes of their work plus an offering of a snack provided by a local food enthusiast.

On our plate this month:
Our performer is Amy Langer, a member of the SF Neo-Futurists;
our poet is: Chris Carosi, author of bright veil from New Fraktur Press;
there will be fiction from Liminal Center founder, Gina Goldblatt
and non-fiction from artist Kristi Holohan;
PLUS, a Surprise Snack.

• • •

Thursday, February 26th at 7:00pm
Breakfast for DInner with OATMEAL MAGAZINE
Brought to you by the East Bay’s lovable literary publication Oatmeal Magazine, Breakfast for Dinner is a cozy and laidback gathering where everyone is encouraged to share a story (or poem, essay, song, dialogue, etc.), written or otherwise. You speak, we’ll listen. And snack! And imbibe!
This month’s theme is Crying in Public, or: private moments in public spaces. We’ll let you figure that one out for yourself. But you never have to stick to the theme! At this event we’ll also be peddling our zines and bookmarks for you to consume, and politely (but insistently) reminding you to contribute to Oatmeal Magazine’s 8th issue, TOTEMEAL: The Baggage Issue.

Check out our call for submissions here:

RSVP because, why not?

• • •

Wednesday, February 4th, 6pm
Artist Reception: Zoë Leonard // WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR ANYTHING
Everyone! This will be so freaking rad. Amazing wizard Zoë Leonard will be welcoming into the world her new show, We Are Not Asking For Anything an installation and collection of collages in the Wolfman Gallery.
We’ll also be blowing it out with a release of a zine!
About Zoë: Zoë Leonard is a San Francisco based multi-media artist. She integrates film, printmaking, collage, and traditional craft mediums to explore the relationship of function and aesthetics, of a subject in its environment, of art and craft.  Her work is rooted in the history of domesticity and the working class. She is devoted to rock ‘n’ roll.

This is her website.

• • •

Saturdays in February
Saturday Tarot with Zoe Tuck
Discouraged about your future? Maybe it’s time for a second opinion. For the month of February, visit E.M. Wolfman Books on Saturdays for a tarot card reading!

About Zoe:
I am a local poet trying to raise money for my gender transition. I’ve been reluctant to ask my community for financial help, but I have been feeling stuck. In order to get moving, I decided to hang out my shingle as a tarot reader—something I’ve long been doing for fun and creative inspiration. I will be running a donation-based pop-up tarot reading table at various locations throughout 2015.

• • •

Thursday, February 12th, 7pm
If I Told Napoleon Zine Release and Reading
Come join Bay Area writing group and DIY publishing team, If I Told Napoleon celebrate their most recent chapbook—Leftovers! There will be tunes by She The Wolf and Benny Rangell as well as a reading, and of course, tasty treats (not leftovers) and drinky drinks.
Facebook event to come.

• • •

Thursday, February 19th 7:00pm
‘Monday Night’ Issue 13 Release Party
Please join us in celebrating issue #13 with contributors Lyndsey Ellis, Caroline Goodwin, and Alexandra Mattraw.
This year’s event is extra special, as we are also saying a bittersweet farewell to our long-time print edition. Starting in 2015, Monday Night will be completely online!
So come on out to hear some awesome literature, buy a copy of issue #13, and browse an array of historical back issues. 13 years, baby! It’s time to celebrate.

Facebook thing!

Saturday, January 17th through January 31st, Time TBA
That’s right! This is HUNDY. This is happening. Really? Really. 100 poets, five a night on weekdays, and ten a night on weekends for two weeks straight. Even on Sundays. More info here.

• • •
Wednesday, January 7th, 7pm
An Evening of Poetry with Dancing Girl Press
Put on your clogs, folklorico taps, ballet flats or whatever it is you wear to prepare for the rhythms of poetry’s music, and come out to support indie press authors Nicole Borello, Alexandra Mattraw, & Sarah A. Chavez, as they read from their Dancing Girl Press chapbooks, as well as any other work that moves them.

Facebook thing is here.

• • •

Thursday, January 8th, 7pm
Oakland Public Library Presents: DIORAMA-RAMA
Some loves can only be expressed in poetry; others in music. Your love for your favorite book can only be expressed through the timeless art of diorama.

Oakland Public Library is excited to co-host this event with E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore. Please make a diorama of your favorite book and bring it to the store at 410 13th Street to be judged in a contest of your peers.

Will yours be found Most Accurate? Most Disturbing?

We can’t wait to see it.

RSVP if you’re into RSVPing.
Why not?

• • •

Tuesday, January 13th, 7pm 
Energy Room Closing Reception
Hey! We have got to close up Iris Alden’s Energy Room and so we’re doing it with a party! Come on by and say hello to Iris, and to the Energy. There will be snacks. Cake maybe?

• • •

Wednesday, January 14th, 7pm 
From All Points But the Center Feminist Reading Series
This was so great last month! And the month before!  Great readers. Great discussion. All around a great time. Join us again for this amazing writing workshop and reading series! Hope to see you then!
Submit work HERE.

• • •

Thursday, January 15th, 7pm to 10pm
Moon Angel Divination Deck Release Event!
It’s a release event! To celebrate the manifestation of the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah divination deck created by Ryan Rebekah Erev.
The deck will be for sale to hold in your tender palms!
There will be seers divining using the deck!
Come with inquiries and open hearts!
Experience a synthesizer used as a divining tool by Ro Seidelman. Rob Thoms will do interpretive portraits of your face after receiving an oracle. And soothsaying via word and sketch by Ryan. Other surprise oracles will be revealed the night of the event!
You are invited to this very special evening of ritual and reading and moons and angels and smiles and beauty and love.
Readings available all evening.
The Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah Deck and Book were created by Ryan Rebekah Erev. They include a set of 29 hand painted cards following the cycle of the moon and a book with interpretations for each of the cards. The card titles are in both Yiddish and English to convey the dreams of her ancestors and what may come. Her motivation for creating the deck and book were born of her interest in providing tools to shift cultural healing towards the expression of liberation in all its complexities.

RSVP if you want.

• • •

We are getting out of town! Flying south! Or flying somewhere! We’ll see you soon (we’re still open up until the 26th, of course), or if not, we look forward to catching up in 2015!

• • •

Saturday, December 20th 12:00pm-4pm
This December, Small Press Traffic is going to celebrate it’s 40th birthday with Bernadette Mayer’s Midwinter Day and we hope you can be a part of it.

As you well know, since 1974 Small Press Traffic has been at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area innovative writing scene bringing together readers, writers, and independent presses through an influential reading series, publications, conferences, and talks. At the end of our 40th year of programming, we want to host a small celebration of our years by spending the day reading a book together that was born about the same time SPT was, equally pushes the limits about what language can do and challenges the notions about what can be done in a single day.

Please join us!

• • •

Monday, December 22nd, 7:00
Free writing workshop at 7 PM
Reading Starts at 8
Readers this month are:
Jenee Darden- Journalist
Jeneé Darden is an Oaktown native and award-winning journalist. She has reported for NPR, Time magazine, Marketplace, and Huffington Post. She covers issues related to women and culture on her websiteé is currently working on a book about the history of black erotic literature. Visit her website to read a portion of it called “Under the Covers: The Popularity and Debate Over Black Erotic Literature.” Jeneé Darden has a bachelor’s degree in ethnic studies from UC San Diego and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California. She is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority.
Rebecca Checkouras
Chekouras, an Oakland resident, has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine, Narrative Magazine, Curve Magazine, and the online zine Pure Slush. Her work has been anthologized by The University of Wisconsin Press and Pure Slush books. She is a 2013 Lambda Literary Foundation Fellow and was twice short listed for the Astraea Foundation Lesbian Writers Fund fiction prize. In 2014, Chekouras helped launch The Basement Series with writers from McSweeney’s and the San Francisco Writers Grotto. She joins the Tin House Winter Writer’s Workshops in 2015.
Liz Green
Liz Green is a writer, performer, and educator based in Oakland, California. As a performance poet, she has featured at slams, special showcases and workshops in middle schools, high schools, colleges and open mics across the country. She was on two national slam teams: San Francisco in 2004 and Berkeley in 2005. As a playwright and writer/performer, she has had her work produced at multiple local and national theater festivals. She received her BA from Vassar College and her MFA from Mills College in Creative Writing. She was a 2010 Lambda Literary Foundation Emerging Voices Fellow in Fiction. She attended the Tin House Writers’ Workshop in 2012 and was a Catwalk Artist in Residence in 2013. Liz is a long-time advocate of radical, critical pedagogy and was lucky enough to work with Augusto Boal on several occasions. She integrates his legacy and the work of Paulo Freire into her college English curriculum. She teaches English, Writing, and Literature at San Francisco Art Institute and De Anza College. You can read more about her and check out some of her work
Sandra Wassilie
When Sandra Wassilie moved back to the foggy hills of her birth from the icy mountains of Alaska seven years ago, she began writing poetry in the vain attempt to locate herself in multiple layers of existence. She earned MA and MFA degrees in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University where she enjoyed stints as managing, then poetry editor on Fourteen Hills. Recipient of the Ann Fields and Celestine poetry awards, she currently lives in Oakland and co-curates the Bay Area Generations Reading Series. Her work appears in Between the Lines, California Quarterly, Cirque, sPARKLE & bLINK, Transfer, Writing Without Walls , and elsewhere.

• • •

Monday, December 1st • 7:00
Brian Foley is in town! Vouched is excited! In his honor, we have gathered together five spectacular readers to shake off all memories of drowsy Thanksgiving and shock you into December.
Readers include:
Brian Foley
Joshua Merchant
Colin Winette
Emily Hunt
Naamen Tilahun
Free booze! Free snacks! Menacing work! A podcast! Pop on down. After the readings, and promptly at 8:30, we will be migrating to The Layover [1517 Franklin St, Oakland] for drinks.

• • •

Wednesday, December 3rd • 7:00
This is even more mysterious than the last one! We know almost barely nothing about this one. Because knowing things about things is so 2014.

• • •

Thursday, December 4th • 7:30
ZINESTRAVAGANZA an EBABZ Pre-Party Zine Reading & Mingling
Come mingle with local and visiting zinesters and writers as we kick off the 5th Annual East Bay Book and Zine Fest! (East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair). Wanna zine on the origins of poisons, Bruce Springsteen, or the best pizza — we got them! Bring zines to trade!
Readings by:
* ARI PEREZDIEZ, from La Bola de Cristal
* Ever since she was a little girl, RED VELVET has aspired to spinsterhood. She is proud to say that she is finally starting to live that dream. You can find her zines about spinsters, travel, car accidents, sexting and bodies at:
* D. B. Elsa, from La Lemon Chemistry Zine (
* SARAH GODFREY makes zines that are almost always about oversharing. Oakland based with a British pottymouth, you can find awkward photos and zine updates at

• • •

Sunday, December 7th • 2:00-6:00
THIN LEATHER: Grace Rosario Perkins Closing Reception
Everyone! Did you know that we are literally in love with the current show in the gallery? It is pretty much our favorite thing that has ever happened. Really. And, to that end, we’ve extended it an extra week just so more eyeballs and brains and hearts can experience it.

Here’s some information, in case information is your thing:
THIN LEATHER is group of collaborative paintings on paper by Black Salt Collective member, Grace Rosario Perkins, and her father, Olen Perkins. Grace is based in Oakland, and Olen is based in Blackwater, Arizona. The show was made by sending work back and forth through the mail, adding and subtracting elements, and negotiating concepts and designs. Through this process, Grace and her father explored verbal and visual language as a way of familial healing.
From Grace’s introductory essay: “We mailed things through the post, we called each other, we tossed in notes, we saw each other under stress, we apologized for shortcomings, and worked on over 25 paintings together in which the imagery and words became less precious but instead about the process.”
Join Wolfman Gallery and Grace, Sunday, December 7th at 2pm for a closing party. Grace will be bringing in some bonus work just for the event.
This show is not to be missed!

• • •

Monday, December 8th, 7:00
HOLD: A Reading
HOLD: a journal is hosting a reading! Please join us on the eve of December 8 to hear work by our prose and poetry readers:

Davey Davis 
Art Middleton
Zoe Tuck 
Tessa Micaela 

Our first issue will be out early 2015 featuring work by Emily Abendroth, Brittany Billmeyer-Finn, Anne Boyer, Madison Davis, Zach Ozma, Carlos Soto Roman, and MORE!

• • •

Thursday, December 11th, 7:00
Join us for the December edition of From All Points! There will be reading, there will be writing. There will be greatness. More on this soon.

• • •

Saturday, December 13th • 7:00
Mondo Bummer Books is celebrating five years of disappointment with a poetry reading and party. We’re also celebrating the release of Ted Rees’s The New Anchorage, Mondo Bummer’s first full-length chapbook! PLUS: music by Andrew Weathers Ensemble, glou glou, Marcus Rubio Ensemble, and Subnaught!

The event will feature readings by Mondo Bummer authors with musical interludes from subnaught. Then, performances by glou glou and Andrew Weathers Ensemble & Marcus Rubio Ensemble.

Claire Becker was the recipient of a full-length collection of poetry, which she titled Where We Think It Should Go and published through Octopus Books. At the California School for the Blind, she teaches young adults to be 70% informative and 30% humorous. Her Mondo Bummer book, We Know In 2010, We Survive, was published in 2010.

Brittany Billmeyer-Finn is a poet, playwright & shopgirl. Her Mondo Bummer book, (the geraniums), was published in 2014.

Brandon Brown’s new book is called TOP FORTY and is published by Roof Books. His Mondo Bummer book, from The Poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus, was published in 2010.

Nico Peck is a writer, artist, and teacher in San Francisco. Their book The Pyrrhiad was published this year by Dirty Swan Projects. Their Mondo Bummer book, I Love The Dark The Lord of The Night, was published in 2013.

Ted Rees is a poet and essayist who spends most of his time in West Oakland, California, but travels around the western US on a regular basis. He is the author of Outlaws Drift in Every Vehicle of Thought (Trafficker Press 2013), and has had work featured in Armed Cell and eleven eleven, with work forthcoming in ON Contemporary Practice and Tripwire. His Mondo Bummer book, The New Anchorage, will be published in 2014.

Maya Weeks was born and raised on the central coast of California. Her Mondo Bummer book, Panic Train, was published in 2013.

Working at the boundary between sound and music, subnaught uses field recordings, algorithmic techniques, and just intonation in order to conduct experiments in auditory perception. A recent collection of works for oscillators was described by Tiny Mix Tapes as “a mesmerizing work, [and] a near therapeutic experience.” subnaught lives in Oakland, California and looks at clouds often.

The rest of the music starts at 8:00 or so:

Andrew Weathers Ensemble & Marcus Rubio Ensemble play The Songs of the US: Andrew Weathers (Oakland) & Marcus Rubio (Austin) are composers working in both the American experimental & folk traditions. This special set features each Ensemble playing re-workings of songs from the others’ repertoire.

glou glou, active in the Bay Area since the beginning of 2012, is dedicated to creating improvised electronic music that is primarily ambient and consonant. Gretchen Jude plays Roland SP­404, koto and sings (among other things); Arjun Mendiratta plays laptop, violin and rocks (and such). glou glou [pronounced glue glue] is the birdsong of the future. glou glou is concerned with texture, timbre, tonality, post­human improvisation, and whimsy. glou glou is a french word meaning glug glug. Small children are particularly receptive to glou­ glou.

• • •

Thursday, November 13th 7:30pm
Hey everybody! The most amazing Tomas Moniz of RAD DAD is putting on this book celebration and reading on the 13th. With East Bay writers, Tomas MonizCassandra DallettJason BayaniMg Roberts. Short readings. Mostly mingling. Come on out!

• • •

Saturday, November 15th 7:30pm
Our very good wild witchy poet friends, Timeless, Infinite Light will be going on tour this November!  Emji Spero and Joel Gregory of Timeless Infinite Light will be performing across Southwest. They’ll be joined along the way by Zoe Tuck, Emerson Whitney, Olive Blackburn, Ivy Johnson, Angel Dominguez, and JH Phrydas. We are so pumped to host their sort of mid-tour homecoming! Reading/performing at our event will be Joel Gregory, Ivy Johnson, and Emji Spero. This is not to be missed!

• • •

Friday, November 21st 7:30pm
NEW FACES READING NEW WORKS Kevin Laird/Søren Cate/Matthew Kellegrew/Angela Roberts
This is what this is:
Kevin Laird
Søren Cate
Matthew Kellegrew
Angela Roberts


Thursday, November 6th 7:00pm
This is going to be 100% nuts! We are literally thrilled to be hosting this show by Bay Area artist-wizard-member-of-Black-Salt-Collective, Grace Rosario Perkins! The show is called Thin Leather and is a show of collaborative paintings made by Grace and her father Olen Perkins. Also: We’ll be debuting a Wolfman Edition zine/poster of Grace’s work at the event! Woo yeah!

• • •

Friday, November 7th 7:30pm
MACARONI 2.1 w/ Alana Siegel, Eleanor Liu, Johnny Hernandez
(plus musical guests MEMORY BOYS and HALF SHADOW from Portland!)

We had so much fun hosting the first Macaroni Necklace reading, that we’re doing it all again! This issue brings together poems, translations, memoirs, interview bits, and pictures from writers-friends-acquaintances-intellectuals-dazzlers Alana SiegelCheena Marie LoEleanor LiuJohnny HernandezNatalie Cornflakes, and Samantha Giles.
7:30 music, 8:00 reading, 9:00 more music.
Zines are free! There will be macaroni. More details to come!

• • •

Friday, October 17th 7pm
Okay, people! This, literally, just in: All of a sudden, this FRIDAY, we are hosting something someone has dubbed “The Most Fun Book Party EVER!” Is it possible? That the most fun book release party ever could be happening this very Friday? It very well may be. There is only one way to find out. Or, actually, there are probably a couple ways to find out. But the only way to maybe find out for sure is to come on out!

Here are the details:
Starts at 7:00. Readings from: Lauren Becker with guest readers Mg Roberts, author of not so, sea (Durga Press). and Doug Cordell, whose radio stories can be heard on NPR’s Snap Judgment and APM’s Marketplace. Hosted by the fabulous Lauren Traetto of Vouched Books.
Refreshments served.
FREE!!! Lauren Becker’s book of short fiction, If I Would Leave Myself Behind, published by Curbside Splendor Publishing, will be for sale at a discount.


Here’s the facebook thing. RSVP if you’re feeling wild.

• • •


Thursday, October 23rd, 7pm
Come to the Lecture!
******(Bring a pillow or a small seat if you can, seating = kind of rare!)*****
What !?!?!?:
Wu Li Leung will be giving about an hour long presentation/discussion about a lot of things. Encompassed will be the history of our visible universe, myth, specific ideas about spirit, “atomic memory” and intuition of the infinite, future possibilities, and if possible, information about the multiverse and where cosmology is going in the near future. And how it is all woven together with a completely magical thing called: Light. Light is pure magic, you will see.
There will be computer simulations. There will be overhead projectors and transparencies. You are encouraged to bring  a paper and pen to take notes, and to ask questions. You are encouraged to take psychedelics or not. Bring a drink if you want. Ask yourself if you believe that we are crystallized light or not. Ask yourself why you think we are here, or what determines the physical properties of our universe. Find out if space is filled with sugar and, like a freshly fried donut, the earth is being dusted, continuously, with space sugar. Find out if you and Lil’ Kim were once one. Etc. Bring a friend.
See you there!!!!!

• • •

Saturday, October 25th, 2pm to 6pm
First Annual Wolfman Halloween Writers Invitational and Publisher’s Clearinghouse Soiree and Reading
All right. It’s nearly Halloween time. Which means—something. Spookiness, probably. Now, we’re not sure that this thing is going to be spooky or what—maybe? Hopefully? But not too spooky? Or maybe way too spooky and we’ll all be freaked for life by it? IT COULD HAPPEN. Anyway, here’s what the event organizers from Pedestrian Press have to say for themselves:
Pre-Halloween get together, with lit. Reading and tabling are: Paul Corman-RobertsS.j. CruzCassandra DallettJ de Salvo, and SB Stokes. Come down, enjoy some refreshment, hang out, wear a costume, help us get rid of our stashes of books in exchange for your filthy useless money, listen to fine smooth velvety and sometimes horrifying spoken word. Soiree begins at 2pm. Reading at 5. It’s all over by 6, so plenty of time to get over to Saturday Night Special, an East Bay open mic and after that, who knows?

Wednesday, October 8th, 7:00
BROWN POETS READING: MK Chavez, Alison Hart, Luke Warm Water and special guest Tomas Moniz
Free Event – Books for Sale

MK Chavez is the author of Virgin Eyes (Zeitgeist Press) Visitation, Next Exit #9 (with John Sweet) and Pinnacle (Kendra Steiner Editions.) Chavez has been widely published online and in print and is co-founder/co-curator of the Berkeley based monthly reading series Lyrics & Dirges. She is also one of the organizers of the Berkeley Poetry Festival. You can find out more about her by visiting

Alison Hart studied theater at Tisch School of The Arts, New York University (B.F.A.), and later found her voice as a writer. Alison identifies herself as a mixed race African American, Passamaquoddy Native American, Irish, Scottish and English woman of color. temp words (2013) is her first book of poetry and she is currently working on a novel.

Luke Warm Water often uses his narrative prose style to address contemporary Native American themes. Luke’s poetry appears in Shedding Skins: Four Sioux Poets (Michigan State University Press). His book City Tree of Concrete & Hope (2014) was awarded an Artists Embassy International literary award.

• • •

Thursday, October 9th, 6:00
Our October Reading features a FREE-ninety-nine writing workshop at 6 PM.
Come on out early and participate!
At 7 PM, we will start our reading, featuring the following readers:
Ruth Crossman is an ESL teacher by day and a writer by night. A West Berkeley native and an avid polyglot and xenophile, she is excited to be participating in her first reading. also with Dani Leone, Reena Walker and Kathy Gilbert.

and From All Points But the Center Works-in-Progress Collaboration by Brenda Usher-Carpino and Gina Goldblatt

• • •

October 11th, 6:30
BE ABOUT IT presents: Timothy Gager, Paul Murufas, Carmella Veronica, & Christine Hyung-Oak Lee
Hey everybody, it’s POETRY TIME.
Timothy Gager is coming all the way from Boston to share his work. Let’s show him how we do poetry in the Bay.
also with
Carmella Veronica :)
Paul Murufas lives and writes in Long Beach, California. His first chapbook, dystopian’s codependent syndrome was printed by Mess Editions in Oakland and San Francisco earlier this year. His second short collection of poetry and art, The Nihilist Romantics, is forthcoming as an e-book from Be About It Press.

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee :)


• • •

Saturday, October 4th, 6:30
BE ABOUT IT presents: Guillaume Morissette, Jesse Prado, Jenny Bitner, Tomas Moniz
Saturday! Starts at 6:30! Will be amazing. Hosted by Alexandra Naughton. Featuring four rad readers. Hope to see you there! 
Jesse Prado is His book, i’ve been on tumblr, was published by be about it press in June, 2014.
Guillaume Morissette is the author of the novel New Tab (Vehicule Press) and a co-editor of He lives in Montreal with his cat, Gloomy.
Jenny Bitner’s work has appeared in PANK, Best American Nonrequired Reading, The Fabulist and The Sun. She teaches writing at the San Francisco Writers Grotto and is working on a novel about a woman who had a child with an alien. She just became a hypnotherapist, so whatever you do, don’t stare into her eyes.
Tomas Moniz is the editor of Rad Dad. He just released Bellies and Buffalos, a tender story about friendship, family and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. His most current zine, The Body is a Wild Wild Thing is available, but you have to write: PO Box 3555, Berkeley CA 94703.

Here’s the facebook thing!

Thursday, October 2nd, 7:00
ARTIST RECEPTION: WU LI LEUNG // ARTIFACTS OF LIGHT: Cosmological Origins of Spirit and Other Things

Citizens of the universe! This is going to be the best. We are so extremely excited to welcome Wu Li Leung to the gallery, with an amazing show of their recent explorations into the nature of the universe, spirit, and so much more.

We’re starting things off with a (big) bang:

• Live Music by Peter Woods and Adria Otte
• Telescopic Moon Viewing (skyscraper/weather permitting)
• Universe-themed edible treats, and
• A screening of “Over the Hill” an experimental 16mm film with a live
score by Hannah Lew 

We hope you can join us!

 Here’s the artist’s description, in case you weren’t already there with us:
ARTIFACTS OF LIGHT: Cosmological Origins of Spirit and Other Things

Our relentless desire to ‘KNOW’ has brought us into a golden age of cosmological understanding. We can describe the Universe, its structure and history, up to trillionths of a second after the Big Bang.
Yet, along with enumerable answers, we are presented with ever more profound and impossible questions: Why is the Universe physically like THIS? What IS time? What is the nature of SPACE? What IS gravity? What makes matter, matter? Why do we have the Universe we have? FOR WHAT PURPOSE ARE WE HERE?? With every discovery which has fundamentally overturned our world-view, we have had to adjust our conceptions of WHY/HOW we are here.
Simultaneously, we are finite creatures that have evolved in a finite world, thus it is understandable that it’s hard for us to comprehend infinity. BUT, we DO exist IN the center of infinity. Standing beneath a clear sky at night, we can peer directly into the infinite. We exist directly in the middle of infinite time: time reaching into the future and past, infinitely. So it is no stretch to assume that we have also evolved–along with senses with which we feel our immediate surroundings–senses with which we can touch and feel the infinite.
The physical mechanism we use to sense infinity is our eyes, the non-physical mechanism we use is what 18th century theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher calls our “sense and taste for the infinite”, that is, our spirit or soul.
This show is a brief introduction to the history of the universe, the evolution of matter from light, of life from matter, of matter back to light, of the miraculous nature of the impossible configuration of atoms into humans which the universe uses to bear witness to its own infinite beauty. The universe is a mirror, we are a mirror, and when placed face to face we create infinity.

Wu Li recently received their B.S. in Physics from S.F.S.U. Most recently they have been investigating the quantum nature of mushrooms and sand. Most things they say are true. Some things are simple ”suppositions”. They invite you to open yourself as wide as possible in order to take in as much of the ‘Miracle of Existence in this
Universe’ as you can.


• • •

Friday, September 26th, 7:30

Oakland launch for Mad Honey Symposium with SALLY MAO, MIRANDA TSANG, DAN LAU and MORE
Woo! This is going to be so amazing. We are so psyched to host the Oakland launch for Mad Honey Symposium, a book of poetry that covers everything from hallucinogenic honey (meli chloron), poisonous flowers (azaleas), dangerous fruit (durian or breadfruit), white-hot-burning peppers (ghost chillis), and insane animals (honey badgers).

Former 826 Valencia Scholar and Bay Area Semi-Native Sally Wen Mao has recently published her first book of poems, MAD HONEY SYMPOSIUM (Alice James Books, 2014), winner of the 2012 Kinereth Gensler Award, and she is ready to invade her home again like a honey badger to the beehive. Fresh from her summer tour called Honey Badgers Don’t Give a B**k Tour, she is ready to talk about all the reasons why Randall’s 2010 viral video about honey badgers inaccurately depicts the animal.

• • •

Monday, September 15th, 7:00
A multimedia event for howdy welcome hello and see you later bon voyage good bye. Donations for tour kick-off are much appreciated!
JACOB KAHN is a poet new to Oakland via Missoula via Salt Lake City. Howdy welcome hello, Jacob! GOSSIMER, this time around, is a solo ambient project and is little claws on a big boat via tremeloa. this is Gossimer’s tour kick-off. see you later, Jenny! FORMER SELVES is unguided hope installment and sound healing. Paul is moving to Spain for who knows how long. Bon voyage and we will miss you, Paul!
Facebook thing is here.

• • •

Wednesday, September 17th, 7:00
Oh my! This JUST ADDED! We’re about to be about it. This is a last minute poetry reading. Please come. Bring flowers and beads and other small things to share.
Abigail Welhouse is the author of the chapbook Bad Baby (forthcoming from dancing girl press in 2015). Her writing has appeared in The Toast, The Morning News, The Rumpus, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA from the City College of New York, sends Secret Poems at, and would like to talk to you on Twitter: @welhouse. Facebook event link is here!


Thursday, September 18th, 7:00
Four amazing Southern California authors (plus one local wizard) are rolling into Wolfman for a night of out-of-control readings. Seriously. This will be nuts. Here is more information than you can maybe even handle on the subject:

Paola Capó-García is a poet, reporter, and translator from San Juan, Puerto Rico, based in San Diego, CA. Her reporting has appeared in BOMBELLERemezcla, and Variety; and her poetry in Salt Hillh_ngm_nConium Review, and El Vestíbulo, among others.

Maria Flaccavento is a poet from southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee. She is currently pursuing an MFA at the University of California San Diego. Her work can be found in the Apiary, Bedfellows, The Fanzine, Madcap Review, and S/WORD.

April Peletta is a poet and digital media artist form Northern California. She earned B.A. in English from Mills College and is working on a collection of ecolyric poetry that explores collisions between public space, industry, and personal ecology. April is a MFA candidate at UC San Diego and when not in class she may be found traveling around California waterways.

Tina Hyland’s work has appeared or is upcoming in BESTIARY: the best of the inaugural demi-decade of A Cappella Zoo, Barge Press, >kill author, and other print and online journals. Her interests include feminism, body politics, animal rights, and how those topics can intersect through slipstream, fabulism, and poetic genres. Her current project, a grimoire of internet spells, is a collision space for exploring arrangements of tradition and modernity, passive and enacted texts, and using the material to access immaterial spaces. She has traveled to over 20 countries and was living in South Korea before starting the MFA program. Her aesthetic, however, has always been and still remains Minnesota Winter.

Eleanor Liu lives in Oakland, where she waitresses and works for housing justice. Her fiction and poetry tends to think about race, dynamics of violence and intimacy, and blueprints. She holds an MA from UC Davis. She also translates, and hopes to move to Greece, her motherland.

Facebook thing is here. RSVP for it if you’re feeling wild.

• • •

Friday, September 5th, 7:00
Hello! We are so psyched to host this! A night of readings and a tour kickoff from the amazing artist and poet Anna Avery with Adam Kassel, and Paul Elliott—and one more reader to be announced shortly (it’s Zoe Tuck, by the way!). There may or may not be snacks at this. There definitely will be amazing performances. We are psyched.

• • •

Saturday, August 30th, 7:00
All right, dudes, we know we’re always saying “this will be so great” or whatever, but honestly—this will be so great! Really. We are so pumped to be hosting Mark Cronin for his book release party withCtch BsnssKate Robinson, and Joel LandmineRight? I mean, how could a better reading lineup possibly be made? It is not possible. People have tried and failed, and the road to this reading is lined with their crumpled bodies/egos. Get ready for some mind-/body-blowing literary action.
Facebook event link is here.

• • •

Thursday, August 14th: 6:00 to 9:00
OPENING: Olivia Nevins-Carbins / Albumen
Join us, for the opening of this very exciting show of brand new paintings and installation by Olivia Nevins-Carbins. Olivia is a recent high school graduate from Oakland School for the Arts. She was born in San Francisco, has spent the last decade living in Oakland, and has just recently relocated back to San Francisco. She was awarded the Herb Alpert Emerging Young Artist Award in 2012.
There will be light refreshments and possibly cereal (fingers crossed!) and a musical performance from the always amazing Bayonettes. Come on out, people! This is going to be so so rad!

• • •

 Tuesday, August 19th: 7:00
READING: Riley Michael Parker, Diana Sailer, Parker Tettleton, Jesse Prado, Alexandra Naughton
This is going to be great! Curated by Alexandra Naughton of Be About It press, we’ve got five awesome readers. Here’s a bit about them:
Riley Michael Parker is a writer, publisher, and visual artist living in and out of Portland. He prefers cats to most non-cat things, and can currently be seen in a Miley Cyrus tshirt and skinny jeans.
Diana Sailer is a musician, writer, and composer. She wrote Letters From Robots and the chapbook Wikipedia Says It Will Pass, and her work recently appeared in the alt lit anthology 40 Likely to Die Before 40. She will probably write something else sometime soon. She lives in San Francisco.
Also with:
Parker Tettleton
Jesse Prado
Alexandra Naughton
Facebook event link is here.

• • •

 Wednesday, August 20th: 7:00
MUSIC + PERFORMANCE: Free Cake for Every Creature
This, as we say in the business will be NUTS. Certifiably. We’re hosting the lovely indie-pop sweethearts from Free Cake for Every Creature who are so good, and who are on tour from maybe New Jersey? Or maybe New York? Far away is all we know. They’ll be playing, along with local buddies dot Vom and poetry/film performances by the incredible Joel Gregory (a.k.a. Otis Pig) and others! We are really, honestly, really and truly, very wholly and fully excited about this whole thing. For realz, y’all.

• • •

Wednesday, August 6th, 6:00 to 9:00
Where are your letters these days? When is the last time you enjoyed or celebrated writing? Do you have any letter ideas up your sleeve, waiting for an inky evening?
Wednesday, August 6th, it’s time you sat down and wrote some letters.
The event is completely, totally free. Bring some paper or postcards of your own. We’ll also supply some supplies – pens, paper, cards, wax signets, etc. We’ll have awesome postage stamps available for sale at-cost.
The event is completely, totally free. Bring some paper or postcards of your own. We’ll also supply some supplies – pens, paper, cards, wax signets, etc. We’ll have awesome postage stamps available for sale at-cost.

Post A Letter Social Activity Club AKA Pal-Sac is exactly what you think it is: an event for you to write a letter or two with a local group of people who appreciate the act of writing letters.

• • •

Friday, July 25th, 7:00


Friends! We’re having a killer reading this Friday at Wolfman. Here’s all you ever wanted to know about it and more:

Jennifer Blowdryer got her handle from The Blowdryers, an SF punk band from 1978 – in 79 or 80 the guitarist fell down a drain pipe, and JB embarked on a life of being in and out of bands, including the legendary White Trash Debutantes, and writing books such as Modern English, Wrong Wrong Wrong, Good Advice for Young Trendy People of All Ages, and serendipitously enough, White Trash Debutante. Most recently she taught a Spoken Wordshop at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC, and has published a lovely small chap called “Blowsy” which is brilliant, but out of print for the time being, but not for long! She’s gonna be in the East Bay for a coupla months so keep her in the mix!

Alexandra Naughton is a writer in Oakland, California. She is the author of “I Will Always Be Your Whore; Love Songs for Billy Corgan” from Punk Hostage Press. She hopes Billy Corgan reads this book someday. She also publishes a zine and produces a reading series that are both called, serendipitously enough, “Be About It.” She is the Andy Kaufmann of the entire Alt Lit scene, and was recently assaulted by a goon named Mucho Libra in this very independent book store.

Karen Lillis was born in Washington, D.C. during the Vietnam War and has lived in Virginia, New York, Austin, Paris, and Pittsburgh. A novelist, a freelance writer, and a small press blogger, she is the author of four books of fiction: the novels “The Second Elizabeth” (Six Gallery Press, 2009) and “i, scorpion” (Words Like Kudzu Press, 2000); and the novellas “Watch the Doors as they Close” (Spuyten Duyvil, 2012) and [under the pseudonym Carol Lewis] “Magenta’s Adventures Underground” (Words Like Kudzu with New York Nights, 2004). She has written for The Austin Chronicle, New Art Examiner, New York Nights, Pulse/Berlin, Southern Quarterly, Verdure Magazine, and Undie Press, among others. She is currently at work on a book of nonfiction, “Bagging the Beats at Midnight” about her years as a bookstore clerk. Her micro-fiction story, “The Walker” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2010, and her article on the independent presses of Pittsburgh was a finalist for a Golden Quill Press Award in 2007. She blogs at Karen the Small Press Librarian and she is the creator of the online literary portal, Small Press Pittsburgh.

Paul Corman-Roberts dreams of forming the Totally Tasteless Theater Company whose opening season will consist of a letter perfect recreation of the People’s Temple White Night event in Guyana complete with interactive audience Kool-Aid tasting; a Broadway musical review that imagines the Third Reich had won World War II, and of course, period perfect stage adaptations of Easy Rider and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

• • •

Thursday, June 19th, 7:00
READING: Jordan Karnes and Jason Jimenez
Ooh! We are excited to host Jordan Karnes and Jason Jimenez for an exciting night of readings! They both have new books. They’re both awesome. Need we say anything more?

Friday, June 6th
OPENING: Herd // Drawings and Paintings by Eli Horowitz; 6:00
Woo yeah! Artist reception for the amazing Eli Horowitz! For the month of June, we’ll be showcasing Eli’s recent series of abstract animal drawings, paintings, maybe some sculptures, and more.

Eli Horowitz is the co-author of The Clock Without a Face, Everything You Know Is Pong, and The Silent History.

• • •

Sunday, June 8th
FUNDRAISER: East Bay Poetry Summit; 12:00 – 10:00 
We are raising money for EBPS with an all day event that includes: a rummage sale; bike wash; tarot readings and an exciting evening event!

• • •

Monday, June 16th, 7:30
PERFORMANCE: Melaena Cadiz & Mikael Kennedy
On June 1st, 2014 Husband and Wife duo, Folk-Singer Melaena Cadiz and Photographer Mikael Kennedy will hit the road on a month long tour celebrating the joint release of their respective album + photo collection both titled “Deep Below Heaven.” We’re excited to host them in our space for an evening of sweet songs and beautiful photography! This event is totally free, by the way.

Find out more & follow the tour here:

• • •

Wednesday, June 18th, 5:00 to 8:00
Where are your letters these days? When is the last time you enjoyed or celebrated writing? Do you have any letter ideas up your sleeve, waiting for an inky evening?
Wednesday, June 18th, it’s time you sat down and wrote some letters.
The event is completely, totally free. Bring some paper or postcards of your own. We’ll also supply some supplies – pens, paper, cards, wax signets, etc. We’ll have awesome postage stamps available for sale at-cost.

• • •

Tuesday, June 24th, 7:00, FREE (but bring $$ for the touring buddies!)
PERFORMANCE: Human Behavior, Gossimer,  Yellow Dress (a.k.a. Dan Weiss solo acoustic), Long Hu
This will be so sweet! A Tuesday night performance featuring Swamp Folk heroes, Gossimer, a solo acoustic set from the always excellent Dan Weiss (from the Yellow Dress), as well as Goth Folkies, Human Behavior, from on tour Tucson, and delay pedal craziness from Long Hu. This will be a great thing. We hope to see you there.

• • •

Thursday, June 26th, 7:30 to 10:00
ZINE RELEASE: Hell and Demonic Possession Zine
This is going to rule! A new and gorgeous zine all about, you guessed it—hell and demonic possession. There will be performances, food, and drinks to delight your senses, and books to possess your mind.
Judy BalsWyatt FryeTyler CohenAj JettIan Ecstatic OutlawDominic CrampTara Circus Barnes, Shayna Why, Scott LongoTessa BruntonMatt MonsterrKane LynchPookou Damajah

• • •

Friday, June 27th, 7:00
READING: Macaroni Necklace, featuring Ryan Funk, Jess Heaney, Susana Ponce, and Oki Sogumi

Join us for a night of excellent readers, kids’ crafts, poetry, fiction, and the release of the eponymous zine, Macaroni Necklace.
This issue of Macaroni Necklace features writing from four Bay Area wonders: Ryan Funk, Jess Heaney, Susana Ponce, and Oki Sogumi. There’s also an interview with Brent Cunningham and work by Paul Ebenkamp. Free copies at the reading.
Be prepared for twine, a splendid display of pasta in several colours, the smell of books, people with hearts of gold, wooden floors. Free beer, dragons, & other magics TBA.

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Friday, July 11th, 5:00 to 8:00
ARTIST RECEPTION: Michelle Lynne: I Can’t Quit My Fight to Survive
Michelle Lynne is a California native, and great friend of the store. Michelle’s work ranges from playful geometric abstraction to intense autobiographical works—depicting her struggles with disabilities, money, her dreams of being published, and her quest to make it as an artist. This show is not to be missed!

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July 12th
BEAST CRAWL, curated by Alexandra Naughton
this reading is finnabe cray – expect costumes and wrestling. hosted by Alexandra Naughton and the Jerry Lawler to her Andy Kaufman, Paul Corman-Roberts

talia m. taylor is desiging something. her medium is her voice, which she often times couples with an obsessive curiosity. this combination results in interviews, songs, videos, and public art intent on facilitating dynamic interactions.

Amy Berkowitz is the author of Listen to Her Heart (Spooky Girlfriend) and Lonely Toast (what to us press). She lives in San Francisco, where she is the editor of Mondo Bummer Books.
Lauren Traetto
Mark Cronin is tired of people telling him how much they love his beard and tattoos. He is a writer and a romantic not hair and ink. He washes dishes in Berkeley and sleeps under the freeway in Oakland.
Garrett Murphy , of Oakland CA, has written several chapbooks and one novel (so far) of poetry and prose which have somehow caused some to dub him the King of Political and human nature satire. Among the works are 8 Book, Check Don’t, Return of the Dream Girl, and the novel Yang But Yin: The Legend of Miss Dragonheel.

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May 26th
Zoe’s show is closing! Please join us on May 28 for the closing party.
The photos, about 300 in total, give us a unique perspective into street skating in The Bay and collectively paint a pretty cool architectural portrait of potential in empty space. They are weird and beautiful and often kinda blurry. They are definitely worth seeing all together in the gallery.
They have been up for almost a month and if you can believe it, we are STILL super excited about these photos! So excited we made a poster! And it’s for sale at the bookshop or online here:
Hanging these photos for the public helped answer some questions and ask some questions as to the origins and purpose of these eerie and beautiful photographs. With a little more information about these photos this show can begin to take shape as a zine, or maybe a book and an internet archive of sorts.
This is where you come in!
We would like to invite you and everyone you know to come and help us identify these mystery locations. We are asking that everyone come on the evening of the 28th and write the locations that they can identify, or think they can identify (it all helps!) next to the photos. There are photos from all over SF, Oakland and the greater Bay Area to identify! So come and hangout for a few and tell us what you know!
If you can’t make it on the 28th, start tomorrow! Or any time between now and when we take down the show! Like, just walk into the book store, right past that guy at the counter (he’ll probably try to say hi…it’s up to you if you say hi back) and just start writing the street names and landmarks and gps coordinates or whatever right there on the wall next to the photo. Maybe use an arrow for clarity? If you forgot a pen or pencil, you might have to go ask the dude at the counter for one. He’ll provide like Jah on this task.
Oh yea, If you recognize anyone in the photos, that helps too! We are still looking for the photographer(s)!
Tell your friends! We can’t wait to see you!

• • •

May 2nd
For the month of May, we’re filling our back room gallery with nearly 300 gorgeous and super mysterious found skate spot photos from our friend Zoe Dering’s collection.

We’re throwing an opening party Friday, May 2nd from 6 to 9 at the store with a wild punk/noise freakout from the amazing sound-wizards, Skate Laws!

But wait. There’s more: Also, at the party on Friday, we’re releasing this radical skate photo poster backed with an essay by Zoe on skating and adventure and mystery and bookstore bartending, and displacement and the city and—and—and, like, life, man. Whoa. Anyway. We’re super psyched about this. We hope to see you there.

• • •

April 11th
We are so excited! The first show in the brand new gallery! Otis Pig’s debut show-thing. So awesome. Here is what he has to say about it:
Hi ! I spent all winter freaking out alone in my room, scribbling and splashing huge swathes of fluorescent paint all over my life. And now there’s 40-something pieces up on the wall for everyone to judge. I’m calling it CALIFORNIA RADIATION SICKNESS SUMMER CAMP. Come check it out!
Here’s what you can expect to find:
Like the words “just stare into a dog’s eyes and forget everything” but in an art format, so it has value beyond just casual ideas and feelings.
U think I misspelled the world ‘Tie-Dye’ just now, but you’re dead wrong
Do you like poetry? Why not? It’s easy and fun. Ivy Johnson and Zach Houston will blow your mind and change your reality forever if you just open your hearts to the true reality that is Oakland California Poem Swag. It will help you with your problems.
James Nielsen made a freaky art film by live-editing a bunch of VHS tapes playing all at once in a giant TV pyramid. His art vid, THE ENIGMA OF STEAL will be playing in the bookstore mezzanine on a continuous loop forever and you can watch it as long as you can handle.