"Make-A-Case-For-It" June Sale


June Sale


Introducing our new monthly scavenger-hunt-adjacent sale! It's called "Make-A-Case-For-It" and the idea is we'll find some detail or theme in a specific book, and then we will give you 10% off any books you find that have that element in them. Does that make sense?

Our first element is: missing, extra, or reattached body parts inspired by Rita Bullwinkel's astounding debut book of stories, Belly Up.

Any book you can find that has eyeball exchange, missing thumbs, reattached arms—or maybe a more metaphorical kind of limb loss/reattachment (make a case for it!)—we'll give you 10% off. 

Bonus: Rita Bullwinkel is reading at the store on June 13th! Check the calendar for more details!