STAFF POST: Akande X on 'Nature' by Jeffrey Cheung

Each week, our newest employee, Akande X, picks a book or zine or something from the store and uses it as a jumping off point for a short piece of nonfiction, a poem, or an essay. We'll release these on a roughly weekly basis whenever Akande's working. We hope you enjoy!


Nature, a zine by Jeffrey Cheung
In this piece I wanted to utilize the same style Jeffery uses in his illustrations- simple abstractions from daily life. These are the observations I had of a trip to Washington, D.C.

Boy, they had all of us fooled. In between the legs of the dead man Lincoln and by George Washington's penis (tell me that’s not a huge white penis) sprouting like a monumental deathly lilac out of the ground.

A painfully beautiful Yoruba woman studying medicine talked to me about Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche.

They say Washington, D.C. is built after ancient Egypt.

A Trump youth who threw himself down the steps of the Lincoln memorial four at a time, his parents were not in sight.

A short black man struck a conversation with me and my grandmother during a festival. He told us how this street was once the parade grounds for the Masons, then the Klan, then the gentrifiers. We can see those pictures on Howard’s campus.

I saw the president speak. Nothing much to say there (keep shufflin!).

A young Asian woman had trouble finding which platform to board the blue train on. In retrospect, I did not see a lot of Asians there.

Walking through Washington D.C. is a Marxist wet dream.

The Mecca is all that it is said to be.

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