TEN POSTCARDS by Miles Mattison


In this collection of ten postcards, Oakland-based photographer, Miles Mattison explores what moves just below the earth. What animates the world—the wires, the pipes, the antiquated technologies that connect us—how those technologies influence us, how we shape, and are shaped by these things. Each set contains ten 4x6" cards, printed on heavy stock with artist-designed back text. Each set is packaged inside a short (and rad!) essay by the artist.



"I go places and make things. I am attracted to interactions between people and land. I worry about the things that make us modern, but participate in some anyways. I will shamelessly be astonished by the sunset and the moon as every day transitions to each night. I think tools, lamps, bottles and ampersands are beautiful. I am sometimes told I am unfocused: it's only because I want to do so much at once. I feel better when I'm moving.

Miles currently lives in Oakland.