Heavy Breathing A/V is a series of artist-led audio and video experiences that combine somatic awareness with critical thinking



Tom Comitta
(2018, 45:34)

Born to Run is an audio chapbook that collages descriptions of running and jogging from over 60 novels. There’s everything in here from Stephen King’s The Running Man to Cynthia Voigt’s The Runner, with a sprinkling of Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie and Samuel R. Delany. To experience this piece, a listener would get on a treadmill, elliptical or any artificial exercise device, put on headphones and press play.

Tom Comitta is the author of  (Ugly Ducking Presse), Airport Novella (Troll Thread), SENT (Invisible Venue) and First Thought Worst Thought: Collected Books 2011-2014(Gauss PDF), a print and digital archive of 40 “night novels,” art books and poetry. In 2017 he and Fire Drill staged Bill: The Musikill, an experimental musical, as part of Minneapolis’s Momentum dance festival, commissioned by The Walker Art Center, The Cowles Center, and other local organizations. Previously based in the Bay Area, he now lives in Los Angeles.

tomcomitta.com @tomcomitta


Dirty Work
Kate Rhoades + Eli Thorne
(2018, 22:11)

We lead couples in a strength training workout based on a chapter from Ann McClintock’s book, Imperial Leather, which investigates gender, violence, class, and BDSM in Victorian England. Participants will take turns being submissive or dominant and get dirty while building muscle.

Special thanks to Stephanie Ellis.

Kate Rhoades is a multidisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. Her videos, paintings, and publications probe the ever-mutating art world. Since 2014 she has co-hosted the Bay Area’s number one arts and culture podcast, Congratulations Pine Tree. Rhoades is also one of the Fleishhacker Foundation’s Eureka Fellowship grantees for 2018.

katerhoades.com • elimthorne.com


Eli Thorne is an Oakland based artist. He was born in Harrogate, England, and raised in Santa Cruz, California. He received his BFA with honors from UC Berkeley in 2010. Later received his MFA from Mills College in 2014. Eli’s art practice is an exploration of adolescent and adult male identity in a contemporary masculine culture. As a transgender male, his work aims to reconcile and negotiate his own sense of and relationship to masculinity. His work has shown in a variety of spaces in the Bay Area; Southern Exposure, SomArts, Incline Gallery and Royal Nonesuch Gallery. Additionally, Eli’s work has shown in the US, and internationally.


Christina Linden
(2018, 10:00)

Audio guide for a session of stretching, rolling, crawling, and light contact improv for adults and their baby or toddler friends. Readings of selected excerpts from children’s books and Moyra Davey’s Mother Reader. Bring your own music.

Christina Linden (a.k.a. Mémé) is in a summer limbo as just an independent curator, between doing that while working as an adjunct instructor of critical theory in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University this past year and doing that while starting a new position as Associate Professor in the Curatorial Practice program at California College of the Arts this coming fall. Collaborators on this project are artist Allison Smith (a.k.a. Mama) and “big kid” Claude Linden Smith, who was still crawling when we first presented Monsters Herding Cats and who mostly runs and climbs now.



Claudia La Rocco
(2018, 18:40)

This is a somewhat condensed version of my contribution to the Heavy Breathing series, which I performed at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in 2017. It is a splice of my two practices, shuttling between very different or maybe very similar modes: my writing, and my teacher’s notes. Some of the writing is new and some of it is previously published; some of the notes are edited, and some are not.

Thank you to Alexis, my teacher.

Claudia La Rocco is the author of the selected writings The Best Most Useless Dress (Badlands Unlimited, 2014) and the novel petit cadeau (The Chocolate Factory Theater, 2015). animals & giraffes, her duo with musician/composer Phillip Greenlief and an ongoing roster of collaborators, has released two albums: July (with various musicians; Edgetone Records, 2017) and Landlocked Beach (with Wobbly; Creative Sources, 2018). Her poetry and prose have been published in 6X6 #34: I Like Softness (Ugly Duckling Presse), Imagined Theatres: Writing for a theoretical stage (Daniel Sack, ed; Routledge), On Value (Ralph Lemon, ed; Triple Canopy), et al.

claudialarocco.com @ClaudiaLaRocco


Chani Bockwinkel
(2018, 23:06)

A luxurious and sweaty strange dance class to perform alone in your room. A thunderfuck of somatics, athletics and the burning words of Sappho’s poetry. 

Anne Carson: If Not Winter, Fragments of Sappho; Tom Meyers: Anatomy Trains; Irene Dowd: Taking Root to Fly; Mary R. Lefkowitz: Women in Greek Myth

“...that loosener of limbs, bittersweet creature against which nothing
can be done.” —Sappho

Thank you to: all of the incredible musical artists on my Sappho Playlists, your music makes it all possible. To all the beautiful bodies I’ve danced with in group Sappho class. And all the freaky dance teachers who comprise my lineage.

Chani Bockwinkel is a filmmaker and performer. She makes interdisciplinary-collaborative-queer-feminist imagery for the stage, gallery, and internet. She is currently working as co-director on her first feature film, Those Who Wait. The project is a poetic re-telling of a 19th century doomsday movement. She has also been teaching Sappho and Sweat on the West Coast, East Coast and Berlin. Bockwinkel is a founding member of SALTA, a feminist dance collective. 

chanibockwinkel.com  @chanibocks