The Poiesis Project

Curated by Hannah Rubin & Tara Marsden

The Poiesis Project is an exhibit of posters which seek to challenge reductive slogans and pre-digested narratives in order to hold space for earnest inquiry, self-examination, and conversation, featuring words/ideas/quotations submitted by local artists, writers, and activists. Posters printed at Art Lab at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Special thanks to David Wilson and Claire Astrow at BAMPFA.


Anna Avery, Justin Carder, Mairead Case, Kate Dunn, Jo Hannah Eidman, Denali Gillaspie, Madeline Gobbo, Ben Lerchin, Rae Liberto, Tara Marsden, Camille Martinez, Ismail Muhammad, Brianna Nelson, Hannah Rubin, Claire Stringer, Faye Titchenal, Avery Trufelman, Mollie Underwood, Jennifer Williams, and Nicole Wisler.


We have a small gallery in the back of the store where we have new shows about once a month. Our focus is on text art, documentary art and small artist edition prints and things. If you feel like your work would be a good fit, get in touch.


January // Chip Beal & Lindsey Wolkin
February // Chelsea Smith
March  // Jasphy Zheng
April // Group Show
May // Obidiah Coffee
June // Leila Weefur
June // Chris Kerr
July // jade ariana
July // Group Show


April // Otis Pig // Radiation Sickness Summer Camp 2014 // Drawings
May // Zoe Dering // All Of The Secret Spots // Found Skate Photography & Essay
June // Eli Horowitz // Herd // Drawings & Paintings
July // Michelle Lynne // I Can’t Quit My Fight to Survive // Drawings
August // Olivia Nevins-Carbins // Albumen // Drawings & Installation
September // Justin Carder // We Wanted to Trend Forever // Paintings
October // Wu Li Leung // Artifacts of Light // Installation, Lecture
November // Grace Rosario Perkins // Thin Leather // Paintings
December // Iris Alden // Energy Room // Installation, Performance

January // Ryan Rebekah Erev // Moon Angel Divination Cards // Paintings, Performance
February // Zoe Leonard // We Are Not Asking For Anything // Paintings, Zine
March // The Third Thing // Installation, Performance, Discussion
April // Dan Weiss (and various artists) // DWIF DWEST // Installation, Performance
May // Judy Bals // Reverse Glory // Drawings
June // Joakim Dresher // Drawings
July // Hope D’Amico // Prints
August // Various Artists // People's Secret History
September // The Blues // Installation
October // Jana Rumberger and Renetta Sitoy // Graven Images // Installation
November // Karina Gill // Collage
December // Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo // Rooted America

January-February // Ali Padgett and Amelia Brod
March // Norah Emily
April // 2-Year Anniversary Group Show
May // Group Show: Inner Cities
June // Subset Collective // Exquisite
July // Karin Dahl: Field Notes
November // Erin Allen
December // PRESS MALL '16