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Islamophobia, Race, and Global Politics: Reading and Signing with Nazia Kazi

Join professor Nazia Kazi as she discusses her new book, Islamophobia, Race, and Global Politics. In this book, she connects Trump-era anti-Muslim racism to a much longer history of white supremacy and American war-making. She also reflects on the troubling ways many have chosen to respond to Islamophobia. 


"Nazia Kazi’s Islamophobia, Race, and Global Politics is a devastating critique of the prevailing ways that Americans talk about Muslims, especially liberals who apparently mean well. Kazi makes her case elegantly and persuasively; her frustration is palpable and engaging. Anyone who thinks they have something worthwhile to say about Islamophobia in the United States should read this book first."

-Arun Kundnani, New York University


With Islamophobia, Race, and Global Politics, Nazia Kazi has written a beautifully indignant takedown of why thinking about anti-Muslim bigotry merely as individual prejudice is both wrongheaded and dangerous. Instead, Kazi draws the necessary connections between contemporary Islamophobia and the corrosive effects of American power, at home and abroad. Perhaps most importantly, she demands that we do the same.

-Moustafa Bayoumi, Brooklyn College