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Meaningfulosity: A Discussion around Blank Sign Book by Anne Lesley Selcer at SF Art Book Fair

We’re really excited that Anne Lesley Selcer, author of our brand new publication, Blank Sign Book, will be leading a conversation at SFABF with other writers and artists on the boundaries and practices of art-writing. This will take place at 4pm on Saturday at the book fair in the classroom. See you there!

Meaningfulosity: A Discussion

Wolfman Books’ new publication, Blank Sign Book approaches art writing premised on the idea that it can contain anything, except detached authority. Engaging the relationship between politics and art—in the streets, on the screen, in the book, in the feminist meeting, and in the museum—this literary and experimental collection meets art with its own febrile and fecund energies. Author Anne Lesley Selcer will discuss her practice, and welcome a discussion with other artist-writers and writers devoted to art.