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Cartero Esperanza

Cartero Esperanza: Servicio Postal en Solidaridad every 1st Sunday, 2:00pm - 5:00pm. This is a gathering to write to queer and trans asylum seekers held captive in CIBOLA and South Texas detention centers. The experience of detention, especially for queer and trans people of color, is isolating, inhumane, unsafe and psychologically tortuous. Our privilege as “free-people” gives us the means to connect and mobilize support for our community on the inside. Through writing letters, we can provide a vital source of love and encouragement that can support their mental health and well being. The Sanctuary House coalition we are working with in Tucson, AZ has a growing isle of 30+ queer and trans asylum seekers inside detention that want to hear from us. Lets let our queer and trans family in detention know that they are not alone, that they are not forgotten, and that we want their voices to be heard. We have personal contact information for each person that we will share with you at the gathering, the writing guidelines for each detention center, and directions on how to send money directly to peoples commissaries. Bring pens, markers, stationary, and other art making / letter writing materials, and food / snacks to share. !!! PLEASE RSVP !!! by sending an email to