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Breaking Borders Open Mic

Breaking Borders Open Mic is an anti-colonial event to uplift BIPOC voices and creativities, and to build a night of shared resistance against all borders. We are fundraising to host our upcoming medic training in the summer, a BIPOC collaboration with Frontline Medics, and to fund our ongoing efforts to provide non-hierarchical community medic and healing in the Bay Area. This event will be open for all, but our sharing space is reserved exclusively for black and brown voices. We welcome all BIPOC folks to share stories, poems, jokes, reflections, and songs as we build a night of creative resistance and community resilience.

Signups starting at 6pm, event starting at 7pm


Mariposa Collective Info

We are a black & brown collective of community medics and healers, bringing together western medicine and our own traditions to hold trainings, skill-shares, and workshops in the Bay Area. We come from colonized, marginalized, and otherwise disenfranchised communities, and therefore our work is deeply rooted in anti-oppressive and non-hierarchical principles. Our collective is founded on these values, and serve as our drive to create community-led alternatives that reinforce our autonomy and refuse compliance with inaccessible, settler healthcare systems -- because only we keep us safe.