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CURRICULUM: featuring Jennifer Doyle and curated by Jeanne Vaccaro

CURRICULUM is a monthly reading/performance that asks: What would a curriculum for collective study and political action look and feel like? Can simply being present together be a form of learning, a way of transforming one another? What is recuperable from decades past? What can we do that we have not yet done? The first CURRICULUM features author and curator Jennifer Doyle reading from her new work, “Letting Go.”

“Letting Go” describes the costs of living with stalking and harassment; it is an extended meditation on the experience of pedagogical and administrative trauma, and a reflection on grief, love and loss in the scene of queer pedagogy. The backbone of this reading is a boiled-down account of the events behind the author's work on sexual harassment and campus security. It is an attempt to use storytelling to slow down our responses to harassment stories and the sense of crisis which attends to them. This performative lecture is part of a series of harassment texts — each written in a different key. This work is a victim's statement.

Jennifer Doyle is the author of Campus Sex/Campus Security (Semiotext(e), 2015), Hold It Against Me: Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art (Duke, 2013), and Sex Objects: Art and the Dialectics of Desire (Minnesota, 2006). Her work in gender studies has been published in journals such as differencesGLQRepresentations, Studies in Gender and Sexuality and Qui Parle. She also writes about sports, her sports commentary has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian and Deadspin. She is a member of Human Resources Los Angeles, an independent arts space in Los Angeles. She is the curator of Nao Bustamante: Soldadera (Vincent Price Art Museum, 2015), the performance series The Tip of Her Tongue (The Broad Museum, 2015-2017) and I Feel Different (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, 2009-2010).