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Notes on Survival Zine Release


In the depths of this trash fire existence, I asked a question to my buddies: what keeps you alive?
I got responses of staggering tragicomic hope and beauty and sublime sadness. 

I’m nearly done with laying it all out and it’s my favorite thing l’ve ever edited. I CANNOT WAIT for everyone to read and absorb it in their bellies! 

Come thru for a night of pure unadulterated vulnerability! List of readers to come! 

Access info: wolfman is wheelchair accessible but their bathroom isn’t. In the past we’ve used the neighboring restaurants, will confirm if that’s okay again. Not a scent free space but REMINDER TO FELLOW SMOKERS TO SMOKE 20 FEET AWAY!

CW: this zine deals heavily with suicidality, trauma, sexual assault, and mental illness. Gonna have a night where we can sit with our feelings so like not trying to censor anyone. If you have concerns about content message me!