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Sponge Talk 4: Liz Kinnamon and Matt Killegrew

It's our last Sponge Talk at E.M. Wolfman! 

This Saturday Jan 6th. 

Liz Kinnamon will be featured alongside Matt Kellegrew (bios to come below), and we'll have light snacks and beverages. Come see what they have to say around such potential topics as gender and emotional labor in tech, the law as language game, 2nd wave feminist film, surrealist bdsm, or???? Hang out with us!

The following Tuesday evening, Jan 10th we'll also be hosting the Sponge Talks "office hours" to discuss the talks. Last Sponge Talks speakers, Shiloh Jines and Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo will also be present. Please be encouraged to come by even if you didn't make it to Saturday's talk.

More on the Sponge Talk Series here: