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If you are unable to help just say so. Oakland Book Release

Using language from automatized customer service as an entry point, If You Are Unable to Help Just Say So blends poetry and memoir to explore the futile attempt to find answers in the face of a parent's struggle with addiction. An inner monologue, wrought with anxious attachment, questions the stability and meaning of every new piece of information and struggles to make a coherent narrative out of an increasingly absurd and bureaucratic environment. What symbols make it into our personal stories? What moments take significance? Who or what can be counted on when you've been conditioned to expect volatility? 

Jennifer Williams is a writer and musician in Oakland, California. She received her MFA from Mills College in 2014 and was awarded the Ardella Mills Prize in Fiction for her thesis. She has been an artist-in-residence at Wolfman Books, Cabin-Time and Have Company and was a Fiction Finalist for Disquiet International. She has created and self-published several zines meant for reflection, including The Process of Letting Yourself Have a Creative Process, The Better Feminism Workbook and The Actual Feeling and leads regular workshops in the Bay Area using these workbooks. When she makes music, it is usually as Gossimer. She is currently studying Somatic Psychotherapy at CIIS.

anna avery does not know who she is until she sits down over and over again.

Jordan Knecht is an artist, musician, and publisher living in Denver, Colorado. He has been prolifically publishing artist books for himself and other for the past two years. He is proud to present his new book, "Artist Book Mixtape Volume One", in conjunction with the release of Jennifer Williams' new book, "If You Are Unable To Help Just Say So," both out September 1 on Adult Punk.