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3x Sean David Bradley, Ryanaustin Dennis, Soleil Chappelle + Mateo Lugo


3x is an ongoing series of micro-performances and presentations every Wednesday night at the Wolfman New Life Quarterly Bookstore (644 40th Street). Two or three artists will perform or present three roughly five minute sets at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30. 3x offers an experimental, serial space for audience and performer to break up the predictable dynamics of an evening of performance. Performers/presenters will include writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and practitioners of all sorts. Come for one "set" or stay for all three!

Sean David Bradley is a photographer and designer from Houston, Texas. His prior photo book, TET, is a contemporary reflection of the Vietnam War.  His work has been featured at Printer Matter, Skylight Books and other independent bookstores.

Born in Oakland, Ryanaustin Dennis is a writer/curator/artists. His art practice combines collage, poetry, and performance. With his main concern being the metaphysics of blackness. By metaphysics of blackness, he means the philosophical practice of uncovering the being, property, possibility, and causality of blackness through a look at our historical cultural notions. At the moment he has two manuscripts in the works for publishing How to Bend a Nigger and Strike: Poems Out Loud. And if you’re lucky, you might find him at E.M. Wolfman Bookstore working on a new project.

Soleil Chappelle is a dancer, performance maker, philosopher, and bodyworker. She is currently writing about Sensory Woven Swells, a philosophy, creative practice, and form of body inquiry, and periodically teaches movement workshops exploring the concept. The information in subtly sensing the movement of fascia and fluid tides in the body permeates her dancing and philosophical thinking. Currently, as the driving force in her art making, Soleil dances as a form of philosophy and a phenomenological mode of research.

Mateo Lugo is a guitarist, composer and improviser whose compositional work seeks to engage in invented, imagined, algorithmic and poetic procedures to arrive at unfamiliar sounds and configurations. He has made scores out of a busy highway, the unpredictable patterns in shore surf and the ephemeral translations of a dancing body. Inspired by John Cage, Morton Feldman and James Tenney amongst others in the experimental tradition, Lugo’s research demonstrates a deep concern with music’s phenomenological implications. While being engaged with the San Francisco/Bay Area dance community, Lugo delves in embodiment strategies and modalities for improvisation that challenge traditional dancer-musician paradigms in order to form an environment where both musician and dancer can directly communicate and influence one another.