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Poiesis: An Opening Night Party!

A night of art, language, music, accountability, and community.


This weekend, white supremacists came to town under the guise of protecting “free speech”. A poster appeared in all of our windows, stating: “Oakland Stands United Against Hate.” We marched in the streets, drove “them” out, celebrated “victory”. Today’s headlines read: “Black-clad antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley.”

What do all of these words mean? How can “speech” be “free” if we’re all being represented by reductive slogans and exaggerated headlines? How can we move beyond these narratives which have been written for us and discern our relationships with the larger forces at play?

The Poiesis Project is an attempt to begin grappling with these questions in public. 

We're designing free posters, built from the words of our peers, and papering the back gallery with them. Join us for the art opening! We'll have stacks of posters to give away. We will also have a DIY poster making station so you can include your voice in the conversation. Come and drink a little beer, share some space with us!