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OKLND // Split The First Atom // Cruel Work

Opening set by Cruel Work
10$-25$ suggested donation (NOTAFLOF)

This is a live storytelling event with music.

Split The First Atom: A Ritual In The Making of Everything

Our story begins the moment Lu, our young heroine, chooses to follow the strange markings painted into a handmade book she found in the wall behind her parents furnace. The book itself is older than its own pages, painstakingly labelled: CrushKit in tea-stained bits of eggshell and twine. Across the bottom of the book the byline, printed in gold foil letters, reads: Great Grandmother Charlotte

We follow Lu as she follows the story in a mixed-up book she found. Come with us to meet Great Grandmother Charlotte in the flesh and hear the stories as they are told on a horizon line where the Summers die and History meets its final Muse. Come with us to a line drawn at the bottom of a world that sings love songs to the Ghosts of Wild Mustangs as they ride dusk after dusk after dusk. Come with us and hear the stories for yourself.

We will have zines for sale following the show: $12