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Alan Clark Comic release "In Search of the Black Panthers"

Alan Clark is releasing his comic "In Search of the Black Panthers," and will discuss his time in the bay area as he searches for x panther members and learning first hand their experiences in forming the panther party ,and what resistance means today in the age of trump. We talk about issue one of "in search of the black panther party" and the trans Atlantic slave trade , the haunting memories that rest in our deep psyche. And why a group like the panthers existed. He'll be reading alongside novelist, Steven Bramble.

Alan Clark is a comic artist  and writer / journalist, and creator of ' The daily earth ' he Helms from Atlanta Ga.

Steven Bramble is a speculative/ science fiction writer and helms from Colorado. He now lives in Long beach California. TOTALITARIAN NOVELS IN A FREE SOCIETY // How can U.S. fiction take a new direction in subject matter and characterization away from the author's own racial, gender, or political identifiers in order to answer philosophical questions from a higher vantage point? Or, to say it more simply, what's going on lately with things like race in novels? How can a novel take a political stand without being sloganeering and overt? What readers are novels really being written for? Can novels segregate us? And finally: what questions are authors asking themselves before setting words on paper, and are there some things that authors simply censor themselves from attempting altogether? U.S. fiction authors tend not to tackle political issues like empire, race, or hard politics (like elections, etc.) in their work because - and this is a theory drawn off of Chomsky - there is a kind of self-enforced political culture of silence that the USG and corporations, the controllers of our laws and culture, spawn, and that reaches into our artistic minds as well.