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Advice to Our Younger Selves zine release! // breakfast 4 dinner

Hey kissfm listeners!

Come through to the official release of Advice to Our Younger Selves! This zine has been a *passion* project of mine and fills me with all the tenderness in the world. There will be babes reading, brews to drink, and issues to buy!

ALSO!!! Claire is in town so this is a combined very special edition of BREAKFAST FOR DINNER! I know y'all miss the sweetness of Oatmeal Magazine, so this is your chance to revive those tasty oats!

Hope to see y'all there! List of readers to come and hit us up if you have a sweet piece to read.



Tara Marsden
Jenn Campbell
Lindsey Morris
Claire Stringer
Thea Brown
Aleida Moreno
May Ruh
Aaron Steinfeld
Jaimi Cooks
Ali Giordani
Era Ming
and more!