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3x Chani Bockwinkel, Ricki Dwyer, Sarah Pritchard


3x is an ongoing series of micro-performances and presentations every Wednesday night at the Wolfman New Life Quarterly Bookstore (644 40th Street). Two or three artists will perform or present three roughly five minute sets at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30. 3x offers an experimental, serial space for audience and performer to break up the predictable dynamics of an evening of performance. Performers/presenters will include writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and practitioners of all sorts. Come for one "set" or stay for all three!

Chani Bockwinkel is a performer and filmmaker. She makes interdisciplinary work for the stage, gallery and internet. She often works closely with Justin Bieber. She curates Justin Bieber into intimate and surprising venues. Most recently she has been a dramaturge for his newest piece Justin Bieber Ted Talk (a micro version).

Ricki Dwyer is an artist and is often a weaver from the Bay Area, currently living in SF. Today they're exploring the idea that cloth can be a vessel to experiment with gravity as a material, or a place holder for entropy. Usually they travel most of the year, but since August they've been an MFA candidate at UC Berkeley. 

Sarah Pritchard is appropriately multiplicious. They are an experimental dancer and choreographer, a third generation preacher, founding member of SALTA dance collective, co-pastor of the Agape Fellowship radical inter-faith house church, improvisational cook in the kitchen and cat co-parent to Prince. Sarah works at SOMArts Cultural Center in SF as the Director of Communications and Strategy. They dream of a day when none of us has to alienate our time and creativity for money.