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Poetics: Anja Weiser Flower, Zack Haber, Wendy Trevino

Anja Weiser Flower, Zack Haber and Wendy Trevino will all be performing on Saturday November 11th at 7:30 at Wolfman Books. 

Here are some bios, more to come:

The most reasonable thing we could do
would be this: to globally organize human life
/ Anja Weiser Flower organizes matter into conduits /
so that feeling and logic, thought and action are unified, 
/ between viewers and an experience of Everything. /
and class society with its division of labor
/ She had a solo show, Anja Weiser Flower at odium fati, /
and oppressive brutality is done away with;
/ in San Francisco last year, and will have another at / 
to overcome the alienation of human beings
/ Human Resources in Los Angeles next year; she looks /
from our own powers, set right the metabolism
/ forward to the dissolving of the division of labor /
between human beings and non-human nature, 
and achieve freedom; to overcome the division
/ that separates "artists" from the totality of human life. /
of human beings into men and women, and achieve
the full flowering of humanity's transsexual possibility;


Zack Haber is an organizer of poetics. Some of his work can be found in Datableed Zine, Armed Cell, The Capalino Review, 580 Split, Eleven Eleven, Sierra Nevada Review and other places. His little book, if you want to be one of them playing in the streets…, was published in 2014 by Quiet Lightning and Tiny Splendor. He’s hosted poetry readings and performances through The Other Fabulous Reading Series and other projects in the Bay Area since 2012. He works at Martin Luther King Elementary School in West Oakland. He’s currently writing a book called Horrible Places. He self-published a chapbook this year called Winning Office Politics Quickly.