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3x Akande X, Alexa Burrell (LEXAGON), Aaron G. Baker (Dingbat Superminx)


3x is an ongoing series of micro-performances and presentations every Wednesday night at the Wolfman New Life Quarterly Bookstore (644 40th Street). Two or three artists will perform or present three roughly five minute sets at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30. 3x offers an experimental, serial space for audience and performer to break up the predictable dynamics of an evening of performance. Performers/presenters will include writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and practitioners of all sorts. Come for one "set" or stay for all three!

Akande X bio to come...

LEXAGON is Alexa Burrell's solo music project that consists of live-sampled vocal loops, clarinet and handmade digital theremin. She experiments with vocal timbres, harmony, noise and the improvisational process.

Dingbat Superminx is a band that rejects passive performance and commits to serious humor. Wielding a bachelor's degree in modern literature from UC Santa Cruz, Aaron Baker and his supergroup of performers create an experience that cannot be financialized, repurposed, or translated to static mediums.