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3x Joel Gregory, Jeramy DeCristo, and Tara Marsden


3x is an ongoing series of micro-performances and presentations every Wednesday night at the Wolfman New Life Quarterly Bookstore (644 40th Street). Two or three artists will perform or present three roughly five minute sets at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30. 3x offers an experimental, serial space for audience and performer to break up the predictable dynamics of an evening of performance. Performers/presenters will include writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and practitioners of all sorts. Come for one "set" or stay for all three!

Joel Gregory is a poet and visual artist living in Oakland, California. He is a dropout of the Evergreen State College and the New School. He is a co­-founder at Timeless, Infinite Light. His work can be found in 580 Split, Elderly, and Open House. 

Jeramy DeCristo is a black queer Bay Area-based artist and writer working in sound, text, image, structure and movement. The conceptual dimensions of my work, whether art installation or poetry, emerge largely from thinking and rethinking blackness as a profoundly radical aesthetic form and material; specifically DeCristo’s work thinks through the formal, material and epistemological worlds made possible in and through black music.

Tara Marsden is a writer and the Profiles Editor at Wolfman New Life Quarterly. She recently collaborated with artist Hannah Rubin on The Poiesis Project, a series of curated political posters, with assistance from BAMPFA. You can find her writing in Oatmeal Magazine, The Tusk, Eleven Eleven, Boing Boing, and in the anthology “Loose Lips” (Grand Central Publishing).