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Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: The Creature In Its Environment

Nonhuman critters, objects, and environments inhabit human worlds and quieter universes of their own. These short readings across genres--by Meagan Day, Jacob Kahn, Coco Picard, Dorothy Santos, and Monica Westin--survey and imagine the lives of stones, deserts, plants, giants, and cyborgs. Plus, there'll be drinks and snacks for all the humans.

Meagan Day is a writer based in Berkeley. She’ll be reading excerpts about secret military testing and UFO sightings in the Nevada desert from her book Maximum Sunlight, which was published by E.M. Wolfman in 2016.

Jacob Kahn is a poet and bookseller at E.M. Wolfman Books in Oakland. He has written about giants and currently writes about the digital pastoral of silicon valley.

Coco Picard is an artist and writer based out of Chicago. She will be reading a short text entitled "Autobiography With Stones."

Dorothy Santos is a writer, editor, and curator. She has written speculative fiction and poetry related to cyborgs, human and machine interactions, and biotechnology. Dorothy will be providing a unique transmission for audience members.

Monica Westin is a writer and art critic based in San Francisco. She will be reading a selection from an evolving book project that includes a hard science fiction approach to speculating about plant life.