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DRINK AND DRAW Literary Reading: Local female writers read from recent work that examines, place, people, and fleeting moments.


Drink & Draw began informally three years ago when three artists met by chance in a bar in downtown Oakland on a Wednesday evening. Their love of drawing in public spaces resulted in friendship and a weekly drawing group. Drink and Draw is always open to anyone wishing to join, abides by no formal rules, and is in spirit spontaneous, riding the waves of chance and circumstance. The premise is simple: find a space to relax in, and draw people nearby. 

The show exhibits samples of these drawings completed over the past three years of strangers in downtown Oakland. Our drawings are often quick renderings as people move about, the settings dim or dark, and the conversations lively. In 2014 we began setting up a booth during monthly First Friday bringing the spirit of drink and draw to the street. We've met and made many friends along the way, from local store owners, to families, people experiencing Oakland for the first time, and people who've lived here their whole lives.