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Long Live Cloth: Textile Ed with Geana Sieburger of GDS Cloth Goods

We’re very drawn to textiles–the textures, the colors. We connect emotionally often with no awareness that we are doing so. We get angry when a precious hand-me-down is torn. When we invest in a piece more than we normally do, we experience emotional discomfort if we spill anything on it that might stain. For some of us, relationships to garments are short-lived, little-attached love affairs. But, even in this case, there is likely one or two favorite pieces we might wish could last forever.


This workshop will provide a space to discuss our private love affairs with special garments, why they are so treasured by us and learn how to care for them. This workshop is also an investigation into our connections to objects of utility. Through personal story-sharing, participants will be asked to bring one piece from their wardrobe that most moves them. It can be most moving through nostalgia because their grandmother made it, they made it themselves, it reminds them of an experience, marks a time of particular childhood confusion, etc.. The second half of the workshop will be spent covering in depth washing and care recommendations that have been lost through generations, things our grandmothers knew but have not been handed down because...washing machines! (Don’t get me wrong, washing machines are great. They are not, however, the be all end all to the care of textile goods.)


Once you sign up for the workshop, you will receive a few directions to begin your participation in the workshop, which will culminate in a zine covering topics discussed in the workshop such as washing instructions for different fiber and garment types as well as each participant’s story of personal connection.



Geana Sieburger is a craftsperson, designer and owner of GDS Cloth Goods ( She believes that beauty isn't complicated and that an item well-designed and finely-crafted is an item of beauty. She designs aprons and other cloth goods for a variety of people and businesses to bring visual consistency to work places and a sense of pride to individual's work-lives. She has taught at the Creativity Museum, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Apparel Arts, Britex Fabrics and most recently at Case for Making sharing practical knowledge of textiles so we can all better understand and care for the cloth goods we love. Some of her current and ongoing projects include Ebb Filters ( and Textile Playground (


Space is limited. Please purchase tickets below before arriving to the workshop: