Field Notes is a collection of Karin Dahl's artistic fragments and ephemera on nature. As a watercolorist and textile-artist, Karin is constantly notating and exploring the convergences between botany, biology, and topography, as well as how these natural phenomena are visually and culturally interpreted, from field guides to maps, scientific illustrations to cartographic representations. Field Notes is an attempt to highlight the materiality of natural representation, and make sense of her own scattered interests and ambulations through nature.

Karin Dahl was born in Ekenäs, Finland, raised in Seattle, and is a decade-long resident of Oakland. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and is an aspiring archaeologist. Karin has watercolored from an early age when she painted flowers with her grandma. She is obsesed with textiles, plants, and maps and is working toward a practice as artist, researcher, and educator that is outside any one discipline.