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Inner Cities // Reception

Join us for the reception for this month's group show: Inner Cities

Kelley O'Leary
Astrid Kaemmerling
Anna Rotty
Emmanuel Sevilla
Lizzy Brooks

About the show:
"Your footsteps follow not what is outside the eyes, but what is within, buried, erased," Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

Our understanding of ourselves is intimately woven with our physical surroundings. A walk down a familiar neighborhood street, a visit to a foreign part of town, or a quiet moment in a certain corner of the kitchen; these experiences shape our thoughts, dreams and selves. As the Bay Area rapidly changes into an almost unrecognizable landscape, with housing prices on the rise and a shifting demographic, we are forced to rethink our identities in connection with the places and spaces we call home. The creative exploration of this physical and psychological link, we believe, is a necessary piece in the conversation about the current state of our cities.