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Wings of Wax Reading and Live Art Event

Hey friends,

You've been to book readings, you've been to art shows, but you haven't been to a book reading/art show quite like this...

On the evening of May 12th at 7pm, please join me and renowned illustrator Aidan O' Flynn at EM Wolfman Bookstore in downtown Oakland for an auditory and visual adventure as I read from my new novel WINGS OF WAX, and Mr. O' Flynn illustrates imagery from the book right before your eyes! 

The "live" art piece will be auctioned at the end of the night. Copies of WINGS OF WAX and original art work by Aidan O' Flynn will be available for purchase. 

Good times!

Oakland native Apollo Papafrangou holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Mills College, and is the author of the novel "Wings of Wax," available now.

Aidan O' Flynn is an artist whose true existence is a question sure to bring a chuckle and a story from all who live in these parts. Everyone has a roommate's cousin's ex who's spotted him, and many have even seen the circumstantial evidence: clumps of hair, discarded coffee cups, or mysterious size 13 footprints smeared with paint. Yet only a lucky few have met with Aidan face to face, and these form a society of their own, revered and set apart.