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Breakfast for Dinner for Breakfast // Oatmeal Magazine

Hi friends,

We hope you're hanging in there during these painful times. We're sending all of our love to you, and we hope you'll come hang out and enjoy some readings and music and breakfast for dinner for breakfast foods with us.

We've eaten a lot of night oats, but we recently realized that we've never had night oats in the morning. That's why our original co-headitor Trisha Federis is coming to visit, all the way from North Carolina! To get to the bottom of this Breakfast for Dinner for Breakfast business. (Our well-informed hypothesis is that it will definitely not be brunch.) Also, just kidding, Trisha was already coming to visit, and we're so excited about it, we're throwing a party!!

We will probably make waffles and hot chocolate and have other cool breakfast foods and drinks, and incredible people will read their great stuff, and SPELLLING and Collander will play their amazing dreamy music, and we'll just hang out at Wolfman on a Sunday afternoon! It'll be so nice. PLEASE COME SCENT-FREE. � more info below.

Like most of our events, it'll be mellow and fun and also full of rage and love and pain, in a good way. Let us know if you want to read / play music / perform anything! We can't wait to be with you all.

+ Also! This event is part of a super rad series, Press Mall '16, celebrating small presses all month at E.M. Wolfman! Check out all the other awesome events that are going on:

* * * MUSIC * * * starts around 1pm

~*~*~ collander ~*~*~ 
queer sick experimental pop

~*~*~ SPELLLING ~*~*~ 

access info:
pls come scent free! chemical products make some people very sick, so no perfumes, essential oils, fragranced products, detergents, etc. we also ask folks to please avoid smoking at this event and avoid wearing clothes with cigarette smoke. (we will try our best to remove immediate scents in the bookstore, but we are not able to guarantee the event as fully scent-free because it's located next to a beauty salon, and sometimes the smell of aerosol or perm solution comes through the vents; we also won't be able to check folks at the door.) here's a helpful resource about going scent-free!

the bookstore is wheelchair accessible, however its bathroom is not (it's upstairs). there are accessible bathrooms at golden lotus a few doors down and also at the tribune tavern across the street, and we'll make sure that folks can use them the day of the event. please feel free to reach out to claire or any of the event people to let us know if there's any additional information/accommodations you need! 

Feel free to message Claire / email us about anything at all ~ 
oatmeal dot magazine at gmail dot com

Love and rage and night oats in the morning,
The Oatmeal Fam