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Roastmeal: The Rage Issue release // Spellling // collander

Friends! Join us in opening the hellmouth and getting super aggro this October with the epic release of ROASTMEAL: The Rage Issue! This blistering 11th issue of Oatmeal Magazine is so hot and messy with rage it'll burn through your eyeballs into heart and deep down in your gut, and we'll all be better for it. It's beautiful and fierce and ugly and important and full of love and strength and vulnerable writing, and we can't wait to share it with you all. 

*Also* this might be our last issue ever, so we extra-hope you'll come hang out and get mad AF with a bunch of wonderful people who appreciate all your rage and feelings! AND we are so lucky and excited that SPELLLING and collander are gonna be playing all their dreamy, dreamy sounds -- come dance!! It'll be the best night.

Things that will be there:

more details soon (let us know if you'd like to read!)

+ MUSIC! by collander + SPELLLING

~*~*~ collander ~*~*~ 
queer sick experimental pop

~*~*~ SPELLLING ~*~*~ 

+ snacks and drinks! maybe this time we will actually have a vat of oatmeal?? who knows.

Chemical products make some people very sick, so no perfumes, essential oils, fragranced products, detergents, etc. We also ask folks to please avoid smoking at this event and avoid wearing clothes with cigarette smoke. We are asking guests to come unscented and will try our best to remove immediate scents in the bookstore, but we are not able to guarantee the event as fully scent-free. Here's a helpful scent-free guide!

See you soon!

Love and rage,
The Oatmeal Family