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Coloring Book Skylark!

WHO: Coloring book renegades Jacinta Bunnell, Claire Siepser, Crystal Vielula and you. 

WHAT: An evening of political play, DIY mischief, camp, gluesticks and coloring.

HOW: The artists will bring coloring pages from their own books and other silly coloring books. Come and color, build exquisite corpses or make collages with these images. Let’s make a big radical colorable exquisite corpse or a 100-page Franken-book. We bring the crayons, pens, paper and glue stick. You bring your imagination. A pop-up art sale will ensue since Jacinta Bunnell will have several original paintings with her for one evening only. 

Coloring book outlaws unite! Long before coloring books for adults were a craze, artists have been creating unique coloring projects which provide humor and cultural commentary for people of all ages. Talents like Jacinta Bunnell, Crystal Vielula and Claire Siepser explored queer identity, politics, feminism, DIY fashion and other themes as far back as 2001. Join these artists as they share their most recent work and collaborate with participants to assemble all sorts of coloring books into unexpected declarations of the coloring book of the future. 

$10 covers materials and snacks. 

Crystal Vielula graduated from CCA in Fashion Design. She is the author of Urban Animals Street Style Coloring Book and Farm Fashion Coloring Book. She spends her time drawing, painting, dancing, interviewing people and making coloring books. She is inspired by people that have the courage to showcase their eccentricities. In her public murals she aims to promote gay pride and the acceptance of the LGBTQ

Claire Siepser is the author of Coloring Book of Unfortunate Situations. She obtained her MFA in book arts and MA in printmaking from the University of Alabama.

Jacinta Bunnell is the author of The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book, Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon and Girls Are Not Chicks Coloring Book. Her books are an homage to and inspired by Tee Corinne’s Cunt Coloring Book and Lynda Barry’s Naked Ladies Naked Ladies Naked Ladies. She lives in Upstate New