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'Falamos pra fora' Storytelling Session III

Dec. 1st, 2015 - Jan. 15th, 2016

Saturday, Dececember 12, 6pm

Story Collecting Hours
Two-hour sessions, in which the artist will collect community stories about speaking out. With the guidance of the storyteller, the artist will turn the stories into sculptural objects that will then remain on display as part of the exhibition. 
Dec. 8th, 7-9, Dec. 19th, 2-5, Jan. 5th, 7-9. 

'Falamos pra fora'

Indigo was first, 
then came cotton, 
May 13, 1888

How do we tell our stories of being from here and there? We write down everything, we imagine what our great-great-grandma’s voice could have sounded like, we visit the fields where our ancestors spent their lives picking, we learn how to fill the house with the smell of garlic, we hold each other, we speak for those who can’t.
We write in blue, we make knots & chains, we learn to speak. We tell our own stories side by side, next to the stories of others, we let voices be heard, there is overlap, stories get repeated and retold in different ways. What gets told and what is kept (left) for others to say?

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