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Would love to see all you East Bay folks there for reading and discussion....


When San Francisco activist Luba Gold goes underground in 1984 to support the Puerto Rican Independence movement, a far-flung network of women is confronted with the risks of prison, the terrible costs of betrayal, and the exhilarating possibilities of love through struggle.

Based on lived experience, Diana Block's bold new novel spans two generations of radical women, their lovers, children and friends. This is revolutionary feminism in epic form, from the passions of Solidarity to the awakenings of Occupy and even beyond--to a beautifully imagined insurgency of the Future.

A story of female and intergenerational solidarity bringing us voices we cannot ignore. Read this book! – Silvia Federici

Diana Block has been an activist since the 1970’s and a founding member of San Francisco Women Against Rape, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, and California Coalition for Women Prisoners. She is the author of the memoir Arm the Spirit: A Woman’s Journey Underground and Back.