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The Blues presents: The Blues 4 Piece Guitar Session

We are so excited to host this residency with Oakland-based band, The Blues. They'll be installing artwork and performing throughout the month! Check the schedule below!

Sept 5- The Blues, Cartoon People, Jerk Lewis
6 PM, free
a show of The Blues art, movies, ephemera, etc. refreshments and snacks provided
The Blues plays a special composition with a 4 drummer ensemble ( Erin Allen, Laura Jeanne, Steve0, Jaime Clark) , releases discography package "Do You Have The Blues?"

Sept 10- The Blues 4 piece saxophone session
MM- sax/ MN- sax/ Alexa Pantalone- sax/ Stanley- sax

Sept 23- The Blues 4 piece guitar session
MM- guitar/ MN- guitar/ Jackson Wormhole Blümgart- guitar/ Vanessa Harris- guitar

Sept 26- The Blues "sings the blues, vol 10" tape release show
Key West

The Blues is :Marissa Magic and Max Nordile