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OATHMEAL: The Wedding Issue! A release party!

Dear friends,

Can you believe Oatmeal Magazine has been alive and well for four years now? We can, and we're ready to take some big next steps. So, on this very special occasion, we would like to announce that we are engaged… to you! Surprise!

Please join us for our release party for our 9th Issue, OATHMEAL: The Wedding Issue! 
July 24th at 7:30pm at E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore

This issue is about love and partnerships and all of the wonderful and shitty things bundled up with them, and it's about oaths and commitments and fear and pain. And it's about friendship! And bodies. It's about food! It's about freedom and fuck the state. It's about being some ripe age and finding someone or something and being like WHAT how did I ever make it through anything without this beautiful creature. It's about everything! It's about nothing.

Whatever your take is on marriage, oaths, and vows, we hope you all will come celebrate Oathmeal with us. This will be a night of deep love and total mayhem, and it will also be a send-off for our next project, ROADMEAL, which we'll explain later. But the important thing here is that our dear Trishais moving to North Carolina, so this issue and its release party are going to be REALLY SPECIAL. Please let us know if you would like to read, perform, and/or help us make stuff!

Things to expect:

- readings and performances by our wonderful contributors
- fancy attire! sequins! TULLE!
- sounds by our wedding band PAGEANT(
- more great sounds by our friends Kyra Baldwin and Eli Wirtschafter
- a photobooth
- FLOWERS EVERYWHERE, provided by our amazing friends at Bittersweet Floral Design (
- sparkly rings, for everyone
- so many other things! 

We can't wait to put this issue together and see you all on the dance floor.

Please say yes,