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Additional Examples: New Collages by Karina Gill

KC Gill is an artist and teacher, living and working in San Francisco. She comes to the Bay Area from New York, and feels at home here in Northern California. She teaches philosophy and humanities at a community college in the East Bay. She has been making collages for the past ten years, along with drawings and paintings, in her home studio.

Show description:
The collages in this show are selected from KC Gill’s ten years of work in the medium. Most of the images and fragments they draw upon are taken from LIFE, National Geographic and Ebony magazines, ranging from the 1930s to the 1990s. The collages are based in images or shapes that are not exhausted by their original context, or that in some other way ask for different elaboration. Each presents a little world, coherent in itself, inviting and opaque. These are “Additional Examples,” but not additional examples of some thing. As neighborhoods are both of a city and self-contained, and as moods are both of a person and make that person’s experience, so these collages both refer and stand alone.

Please join me for the opening party of a show of my collages in downtown Oakland at E.M.Wolfman Books a city block from 12th Street Bart Station.

Music by Electronic Death Registry at 8pm!