CIRCUITS 001-005

To celebrate the release of Jacob Kahn's new book of poems, A Circuit of Yields we asked some of our favorite artists to create work inspired by the book. The idea is not necessarily that they'll try to score, represent or translate the text, but that they will make work that uses the text as a point of departure or a point of exploration, and expand from there into new territories.

The first two videos feature Jennifer Williams of Gossimer, performing her piece "Breath Truth Into May" in the Wolfman Gallery space; and Matt Carney of Silo Homes performing his piece: "a giant should never fall asleep where it first drowses" in his SF studio. 

More videos will be coming soon. 

Thanks to all the artists for participating. You can find some of Silo Homes's recordings here and some of his rad videos here. More of Gossimer's work can be found here. 

Pick up a copy of the book!