Black Aesthetic Film Series

Black Aesthetic Collective

October - December 2016


The Black Aesthetic Film Series was organized by the Black Aesthetic Collective, a group of black filmmakers, artists, and writers--namely, Ryanaustin Dennis, Philip Johnson, and Leila Weefur. The film series showcased rare, independent, or unknown black films and shorts at Wolfman Books that Black Aesthetic thought should have a wider audience. With each film viewing, there was a guided audience discussion to tease out technical, structural, and socio-political themes. The goal was to create a robust forum for people to exchange ideas, make connections, and experience the communal aspects of film.

The Black Aesthetic Collective used their Wolfman Art Machine Residency to build infrastructure for and launch Season 1 of the Film Series at Wolfman Books. They have gone on to curate a second and third season of the series at other venues in Oakland and the Bay Area, as well as produce the Black Aesthetic Publication in collaboration with Wolfman Books.

About the black aesthetic collective

The Black Aesthetic is a creative organization, whose mission is to curate and assemble both a collective and distinct understanding of Black visual culture. We pose the question: What is the Black aesthetic sensibility and what does it look like to you? The Black Aesthetic is Ryanaustin Dennis, Leila Weefur, and Christian Johnson.