"A Moment of Truth + Sin"

A short film by Christian Johnson

May 2017- November 2017

Filmmaker Christian Johnson used his WAM Residency to begin production on his first full-scale film production, "A Moment of Truth + Sin." The film is a psychological thriller about a black man who is tormented with thoughts of self-harm and marital aggression toward his white wife. A fluid and esoteric portrait of a contemporary Oakland amidst gentrification and social upheaval, "A Moment of Truth + Sin" strikingly and brutally confronts these attendant underlying social and historical tensions still to be resolved.

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About Christian Johnson

Born in Oakland, California, Christian Johnson is a writer, image maker, and film curator. His work aims to create multilayered revolutionary images of the black body in motion. Johnson was a member of the Black Aesthetic Collective, a curator for the Black Aesthetic Film Series and a contributor to the "Black Aesthetic Season 1: Black Women in Film" publication.