3x Performance Series

Wednesday Nights

6:30, 7:30, 8:30

New Life Quarterly Bookstore

644 40th Street


3x is a multimedia performance, talk, and artist presentation series at Wolfman New Life Quarterly Bookstore (on 40th and MLK), happening the first two Wednesdays evenings of the month. Each 3x includes three artists performing three five-minute “micro” sets at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30pm, and the artist can perform the same set each time or serialize their sets, or do completely different sets. New Life Quarterly is a 20’ x 10’ bookstore in a shipping container with bookshelves on all sides and very limited space, creating an extremely intimate and unique performance space. This intimacy and spatial constraint is at the core of what 3x is about. That said, a number of performers have incorporated the surrounding back courtyard and front sidewalk/street area into their performance.

In Season 1, we had dancers, poets, musicians, photographers giving a slideshow, artists giving artist talks, collaborative audience participation experiments, studio critiques/visits and multimedia audio/visual performances. Go to our EVENTS page to view the artists who performed and find out more about past events in the series.

In Season 2, we’re hoping to specifically cultivate this kind of activating performance, conversation, and artistic provocation. This can look like site-specific performance, engagement with the audience and intimate space, using the idea of one fifteen minute performance over three five minute sets, or whatever you choose to bring to the table.

Since this is a curated series, we’re asking performers to provide us with a brief statement about the form and content of their piece. Whether through solicitation and through submission, please fill out the form provided and we’ll be in touch about dates and next steps.

Materials we provide/offer: Projector, projector screen, small set of speakers (not exactly a PA) with auxiliary and bluetooth input, microphone, mic stand, wifi. We will create and promote the events on facebook and other social media channels.

In the spirit of paying and supporting artists, each performer will be paid at lease $20.

Name *
Do you have work online you want us to see or know about?
Would you show/present/perform new or already completed work (both can work)? How might you utilize the 3 five minute micro-performance format?